They were already on their way to Salvador. Cleopatra pondered on what Edgar had told her. She never knew she would ever find her parents killers ever. Cedric did not give them anytime to take anything with them. 



Dylan and Cleopatra rode in front while Ivan and prince Cedric rode behind. The guards trailed behind them. Cleopatra felt an uncomfortable feeling in her chest, she shut her eyes and then she saw in her mind’s eyes, Ivan was choked by Cedric. She turned immediately and saw Ivan struggling silently. She waved her hand and a stick floated and hit Cedric’s hand making him lose focus.  



Ivan slumped and slipped from his horse and fell to the ground. 



Cedric looked up at Cleopatra, “What do we have here?, You have magic Cleopatra?”, he got down from his horse, “You are just like I imagined my dark empress…” 

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