Days had passed and it was one torture to the other, Aileen was creative with the sessions. They were both too exhausted to move let alone fight back. They had been wounded physically and other times Aileen had used her magic and that was the worst kind of pain. The hunger was another torture altogether.

“Ivan”, Cleopatra mumbled, “I am so sorry for all that I have put you through”, she traced the scar on his shoulder, her eyes teared up,”Yo…you have be…been hit more times than I have…I put you through this…”

“Shh”, he whispered, “Cleopatra your problems are my problems”, his thumb brushed against her lower lip. It was bruised and bleeding.

“I want to be by your side every chance I get", he stated, “Neither am I complaining. This is what I want, I would do this again without a second thought”


“Cleopatra do not worry, everything will be fine”

“How can you be…”

He smiled, “I do not know, I do not have the answers", he cradled her head, “I do love you Cleopatra…”


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