Cleopatra shut her eyes tightly as she gave expression to the voice inside of her, it was deafening. It travelled miles and miles away past Averna and it’s surroundings. 



Everyone who heard was too shocked to move. Aileen, Javaid and Cedric were puzzled they did not understand what was happening either. They did not have much time to comprehend what was happening before they exploded in to dust. The heaps of dust were scattered by a strong gust of wind. Their screams could still be heard moments after their bodies were gone. 



Cleopatra stopped, the ropes she had been bound with all loosened, she dropped to the ground in a loud thud. The guards gathered ran away not looking back. Iris quickly rushed to Cleopatra. Her eyes were sealed shut, she was limp, “Cleo”, she tried to rouse her, “Open your eyes Cleopatra, you did it” 



She did not budge however, she
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