Met You In Battlefield
Met You In Battlefield
Author: Writer LilFlower


"Blast!" And the lights sparkle as the audience stood up in excitement clapping and screaming their lungs out as their favorite team 'SfX' has won the International Championship of MPL. China has finally managed to get it's name on the trophy of MPL.

If one asked what's MPL its Mobile Legends Premier League. One of the MOBA strategy type game which has been gain players from all around the world in these past five years. Players from all over the world has struggled to be in this championship. And China has successfully managed to engrave it's name on the trophy of this year.

SfX one of the dangerous and everyone's favorite Chinese team has official brought MPL trophy to their homeland. After seeing many ups and down they have finally achieve their goal. As the team stood on stage with big golden trophy in their hands. A victorious smile can be seen on everyone's lips. 

Their leader Chiean Hwa who solely have conquered hearts of many of his fans. Has lost his heart to his teammate Yang Zishu. Despite being coming from different background and having different ideals for love has fallen for each other. As the host gave the microphone to Chiean Hwa the spotlight fell on him. 

He congratulated his teammates and his fans too for their victory as he believed its not sole himself who lead to victory, it's his teammates and the love and support of his fans that lead to the victory. He then look at Yang Zishu and sat on his knees. Their is silence in the whole stadium as the crowd were in shock and happy state. 

As some were expecting this grand proposal at the finale of the championship and some where shock because they didn't expected this to be so soon. Ofcourse some fans were jealous but they all know that no one is better for Chiean Hwa than Yang Zishu. Now the spotlight were on the couple as everyone is getting ready to witness the proposal. 

"Since we have brought trophy to home I wanted to bring my everything to my home. I wanted us to change our relationship status from being dating to being married. I wanted us to be forever couple. Since our everything start from this very stage I want this stage to complete that everything. And I know you had the idea of me proposing you on the finale. So it's not fully surprising for you. I Chiean Hwa on my knees asked you to be my forever partner, the one with whom I want to share my happiness, my sorrows, and create the moments that's out of the world for me. Since you were the first and last one to knock on the door of my heart. Will you marry me? "proposed Chiean Hwa. 

The whole crowd were moved in tears by hearing the proposal. Because whatever Chiean Hwa just said can be felt by everyone. Anyone can see his feelings. As the crowd look at Yang Zishu for his answer. And even the fearless Chiean Hwa felt nervous when Yang Zishu didn't replied instantly. As Yang Zishu step back a little as he replied by looking at ground, "No! I won't marry you." 

A loud gasp could be heard in the stadium as everyone is shock and surprised to hear the answer of Yang Zishu. Everyone in the e sports field knew that Chiean Hwa and Yang Zishu are perfect for each other and everyone predicted that if one day any one of them proposes to another the answer will be instant yes. 

But the scenario has changed as Yang Zishu replied no and walked away from the stage leaving Chiean Hwa and everyone in confusion. When Chiean Hwa regained his consciousness as he got in dilemma after hearing the answer of Yang Zishu. He stood up and bow down to everyone as the SfX team left the stage. Cheian Hwa didn't reacted any bit to the answer of Yang Zishu as he calmly walked in the bus of the team. 

To everyone's surprise Yang Zishu was not in the bus and everyone thought that he need some time for himself just like Chiean Hwa needs for himself. But what is strange that Chiean Hwa is so silence that everyone fears that it's the silence before the storm. 

As the bus left the stadium from the corner Yang Zishu peeked at Chiean Hwa with tears flowing from his eyes as he knew that he is seeing the love of his life for the very last time. He had so many things to say, but mostly he wanted to say sorry to Chiean Hwa for not accepting his proposal. But all he could do that time is run away from the stage because he couldn't face Chiean Hwa. 

Chiean Hwa upon reaching the base rushed to the room of Yang Zishu as he wanted answer because he knew that Yang Zishu won't do anything without reason. When he barged in the room of Yang Zishu he find that Yang Zishu is no where in sight. All his stuff is just like the way it's kept but the owner is no where to be seen. 

He tried reaching the cellphone of Yang Zishu and find that his cellphone is on the bed stand ringing. He look at the cellphone and find their picture set as wallpaper. This made him sure that Yang Zishu still love him and as for his rejection it's something which has a big reason. 

The night passed by and the day arrived as Chiean Hwa waited for Yang Zishu only to find that he is still not back. Everyone in the team started looking for him as in the end they couldn't find him. It's like that Yang Zishu vanish in thin air. Chiean Hwa laughed as his teammates got worried thinking that he has lose his mind. 

He only said, "Since he is afraid to face me he is hiding and since I know that he still love me I will wait for him and will be patient." 

Hey everyone I'm Xiao Hua a.k.a. LilFlower. I love reading and writing. And my every book is on BL. 

So I'm here to present you the love story of Chiean Hwa and Yang Shizu. Hope you guys will love their story. 

Also why do you think Yang Shizu rejected Chiean Hwa's proposal as to what could be the reason that he continues to love him but couldn't agree to marry him. 

Stay connected and you will reveal it sooner or later. 

Will need your love and support. 

Lots of Love from LilFlower 💙

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