Who is Misty Feng

Hey did you know that Chiean Hwa was seen in arcade arena of XXX mall" came the murmuring voice of a girl. "I wish I would have been over there I would have asked his hand for marriage, he is so handsome" replied another girl. "You both don't know the interesting part, Chiean Hwa is looking for Misty Feng as he asked some people about Misty Feng" said a guy.

"Who is this Misty Feng?" asked another guy. "Nobody knows who is Misty Feng as nobody has seen Misty Feng but he is on number one rank in China as Eudora player. Some people says that Misty Feng understands Eudora very well" stated the first guy. As the whole classroom is murmuring about Chiean Hwa visiting arcade arena.

Yang Shizu is completely distracted by these gossiping and murmuring voices. He planned to prepare his self study notes for the coming exams but these voices distracted him. At last he kept his pencil down as he heard someone saying, "Chiean Hwa is looking for Misty Feng."

Now Yang Shizu got worried as he dont know why Chiean Hwa is looking for him. He doesn't despise Chiean Hwa infact he also love watching his matches as he is the perfect ADC(shooter) in the game. Some people even says that he practices very hard so that he can play comfortably and Shizu thinks this to be a truth instead of myth.

His train of thoughts got tracked down by the sound of the notification coming from his cellphone. He pulled out his cellphone from the pocket and saw a text message of Qi Er on Wechat. He clicked on the message which says, "I didn't wanted to reveal your Weibo ID but somebody said,"You are a trash and you play well because you hack the game."

Reading that made Yang Shizu laughed as he let out some breath from his nose. Ofcourse this angered him, since the day one he is playing MLBB with pure honesty and dedication. And as for his perfectness for Eudora is because he is has studied her moves, abilities, weakness and strength and after practicing for such a long time he is become the number one Eudora player in China.

Ofcourse he is good with other heroes too but Eudora is his personal favorite. He quickly send, "It's okay" to his best friend as he decided to make notes again. The professor is on leave so Shizu get much more time he expected on his hands. He completed his notes when someone stood in front of him.

He look at the face of the person who is blocking his way only to see Ming Er blocking his way. He look at Ming and asked, "Why his way has been stopped." The reply is quite simple as Ming wanted to talk. Now Yang Shizu tried to remember as to what would have he done to make Ming Er block his way.

Ming had brown hairs with a light complexion his mesmerizing black eyes can put you in awe. He is wearing the fade off blue shirt with white jeans on it. If talk about his built he has an average built but that too gave him a good personality. He is a senior of Yang Shizu from the faculty of Communication of Arts. 

His black eyes gently look at Yang Shizu who is puzzled as to why he has been stopped. Ming Er smiled as he asked, "How you doing?" To which Yang Shizu smilingly replied, "I'm good ge what about you?" Ming stared at Yang Shizu for a quite time before replying that he is now good. Ming than asked, "If Shizu has some plan after the college."

Before Yang Shizu could respond he got a text message from his brother Weibo saying that he wants to meet him at the cafeteria of the XX mall in Shenzhen. Since he also lived in Shenzhen and the mall he has been asked to meet in only fifteen minutes away from his university so he replied okay. 

He then look at Ming Er as he replied, "I didn't have any plan until now but I just got text from my brother asking me to meet at XX mall." Ming than chuckled as he lightly brush the hairs of Yang Shizu and walked away leaving the poor Yang Shizu in the state of confusion once again. 

Ming met his friends on the way who teased him for being coward to which Ming punched one of them as he said, "I want to take time with him as I don't want to rush things ruining the chance of myself as having Yang Shizu as my boyfriend." 

Yang Shizu left for the XX mall where he is asked to meet. He then look at his brother message and asked to himself, "Why would he message him on Weibo if he has his Wechat. It seems like people are happy in putting me in confusion." When he entered the mall he saw it is not that crowded and he is thankful for that which means he will have some good time shopping. 

He entered the Cafe and looked here and there for his brother. Luckily he find his brother and with a happy smile on his face he made his way towards his brother. He reached the table and called our his brother making him turn. His brother smiled towards him and politely greeted him. This once again put Yang Shizu in confusion. 

As he sat on the chair and asked his brother as to why they are meeting here? His brother look at him as he put his hand on the table and asked, "Are you Misty Feng?" Hearing that made Yang Shizu startled as he wondered how his brother know about it. He only nodded his head as he don't know how his brother is gonna react? 

His brother than look at Yang Shizu with a smile on his face as he announced,"I'm Yang Tian and I'm the manager of Team SfX. As we are looking for mid laner for us. We will like you to join us." Yang Shizu's mind got dazed as he couldn't process what his brother just said. He just sit there in shock staring at his brother. 

Hey its me Xiao Hua and I'm back with another chapter for you. Initially this chapter shows how encouraging and supportive one best friend could be isn't it? 

So what do you think will be the reply of Yang Shizu? Will he be joining SfX? If yes then what obstacles will he face?  

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