Chapter 99. Welcome back Ari and Savannah

As Ben was parking the van in the garage, Ari's eyes squinted and her face darkened. He saw Savannah's car parked beside the van.

Naomi, I instructed you to burn that car. Havent I? Ari said.

Yes, Sir, but Sir Alfred will explain everything to you. Naomi responded.

Upon entering the townhouse, Alfred greeted the couple, including Ben and Edwin. Welcome back! Alfred said.

Thank you, Alfred... nice to see you! Savannah said.

Ari greeted Alfred... Naomi said you decided to fix Savannah's car?

Yes, Ari... hear me out first before you get upset. Alfred retorted. First of all, the car is in good shape. It has very low mileage, only 165. The engine is great. Imperfection is in the body only. Ben and Edwin could use it for errands. Alfred said.

Ari then turned to face Savannah, saying, "Promise me, honey, you will not drive that car and you will not drive anymore.

" Whoa... what? I will not be driving anymore? Why? Savannah ask

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