Chapter 101. The Ruthless General change his tone

Ari and I enjoy working together on a project. He always tells me that he treasured our time together, whether for fun or working on a project that we both loved. The grant money changed the landscape of our plan. Ari and I decided to add more facilities for children, like a small playground between the Japanese garden and the lanai. He ordered freshwater colorful fishes like the peacock cichlid, jack dempsey, electric blue acara, and paradise fishes to be added to the manmade lake that is flowing under the lanai. We are creating a paradise for children and adults. I admired Ari's planning and creativity. He always teases me about filing for an early retirement so I can work on the farm. I miss you honey when you're at work... Please reconsider filing for an early retirement. Ari said. I did not respond. How can I tell him that he is suffocating me? Going to work everyday is getting away from his claws, his over protectiveness and public displays of affection. I need time to adjust

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