Chapter 4. I will cherish this moment.

Adam and Savannah enjoyed each other's company. They laughed, they ate, drank, then laughed again. 

You’re a good listener Adam and easy to talk with.... I am sure you could be a great boyfriend or even a husband. Don’t forget to send me an email when you’re getting married. She will be so lucky to have you.

Thank you Savannah, appreciate that coming from you!

Remember Adam, communication is very important in any relationship. You can communicate well, coming from your heart. I can feel your sincerity. I will pray that you can meet someone that you deserve. You’re a good person.

Sav, your patronizing me huh!

No, Adam.... I am expressing my opinion and thoughts about you. 

This is very memorable for me Sav... I will always cherish the moments of our 14-hour trip.

Same here Adam... I will not forget you! You made my trip so easy and comfortable. The real truth about why I don’t go home very often is because the 14 hour trip was so boring and unproductive, but this time, it's different. I met a special friend. 

Adam was so happy to hear those words from Savannah....

Adam’s POV

I am so happy sitting beside you Sav. It is obvious that we speak the same language and we are on the same wavelength. I enjoyed every moment with you. I hope there are another 10 more hours for this trip, but we will deplane in the next two hours. I would like to kiss your lips and hug you tight. 

Then, the captain announces that the big bird will land in an hour.

So this is it, Adam, we have to say goodbye. Maybe we can bump into each other someday.

No, I don’t want to say goodbye. Let’s say... see you again. Here’s my number in California and my local number here. This is my email. Please communicate with me, I beg you. 

I will, Adam. Here’s mine. My cellphone and email address.

They hugged each other and said... see you soon! Take care and don’t forget to keep in touch.

Adam was so sad, he is having separation anxiety now.  

I have to see you very very soon Savannah. I will not let you go.

The trip to Tarlac was smooth but his mind is somewhere else.

Welcome home, my dear brother!

Thanks, Susan. I am ready to open the next chapter of my life, dear sister! I found her.

Wow..that was fast! But I am happy for you.

How do I get to CN province, Susan?

CN province? If I remember it right, Uncle A*i is the commanding officer of that province.

You’re kidding me!

No, I’m not!

He is still working? 

Yes, he is. He chose to work. He was so attached to his career as the tiger of Asia. He loves his work so much that he forgets his private life. He hasn’t gotten married since Aunt Lillian died. You know the story of their lives. 

I looked upon him when I was a child and until now, how he carried his military career and, at the same time, took care of his family in spite of the complications of their union. He told me in the past that he killed his heart. 

After Aunt Lillian died, I prayed so hard for him to find the love of his life. He deserved to be happy. I admired him on how he handled his family, Susan said. Let me call him tomorrow and see if I can make an arrangement for you.

Forget about calling him, I think I am going to surprise him instead. How’s that?

I think that’s a good idea, Susan said. But before your trip to CN province, let me organize a welcome party for you. I will invite our relatives.

Relatives and friends of the de la Lucca's are overjoyed to see Adam. It's been a while, almost 10 years since he visited the plantation. His childhood friend Rahul has three children and is married to his childhood sweetheart. Adam's classmate and was his girlfriend when he was in their teen was there to welcome him. Shirley is a special education teacher. She is happily married and has 2 children. It seems that his childhood friends are happy with their lives in the city. He felt that he was the only one who had painfully experienced marriage.

You have to find your true love, Adam, Rahul said.

I think I have already found her already buddy!

Whoa! I am glad Adam.  You deserve to be happy.  I am offering a toast to you and to your newfound love! Rahul exclaimed.

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