Chapter 9. Tell me something about her.

You told me, Allan, she’s a childhood friend. Tell me something about her, Ari asked.

Sav belongs to a big family. Her father has 10 siblings and 8 of them migrated to the US. When we were in high school, she was one of the beauties we had. She's always wearing stateside tops and shoes. Tall, beautiful, and smart. She was one of the most active students in extracurricular activities in our class. Though she was shy at that time, she gained a lot of friends. Her family was very protective of her. She can't attend parties, no weekend movies except she goes with her family. I don’t know if it's tough for her, but it seems that she’s good at coping with her father’s strict guidelines. She turned out to be okay. She is a good person, decent, and focuses on what she does. She doesn’t play around. 

While Allan and Ari are whispering, Savannah is brought back by Cris.

General... As promised, I am returning Sav to you, without any scrat

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