36. A Nightmare Between Us

My eyes shot open and the first thing I saw was white. Blinding white. I quickly closed my eyes and opened them slowly to adjust to the bright light.

I looked around for anything familiar, but there was nothing but white. I was wearing a white dress, I was sitting on a white bed, the curtains were white, the fan whirling above was white, the tables and cabinets were white too. There was too much white in this room.

I moved my left hand to my face, rubbing it, acutely aware of a crick in my neck. I hissed when I felt a sharp pain when I tried to turn my head to the side.

As I tried to move my right hand, I felt something holding it back. My eyes fell upon a hand in my own. It was Claire. She had her hand in my hand, resting her forehead on our hands.

"Claire," I called, my voice sounding a bit hoarse and rough. She lifted her head from her hands and I cringed at the sight of her face. Her eyes were red and dried tear marks were on her cheeks. It was clear

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