Epilogue | Forever Between Us

Valentine's Day

~Three years later ~

I opened my eyes with the familiar look of my dorm room surrounding me. I shared the room with a short, blonde girl, Pippa Anderson who had a lot of cool tattoos and piercings on her skin. She was a very sweet girl, always helping me with my homework. She was also very adventurous, out-going and a social butterfly, exactly opposite to me. I considered her a great friend but only Claire was my best friend. But currently Pippa's bed was empty. She had gone to Radford to visit her ailing mother.

I had college at nine in the morning, and I would need at least fifteen minutes to get there.

I rolled on my side and glanced up at the alarm clock on my bedside table. It was seven in the morning. Why didn't the alarm go off? I usually woke up at six.

Then I saw something next it. A note.

Good morning, beautiful. You look gorgeous today. Happy Val

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What happened to Claire
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