His Venom

Author Pov

Catelin's breath hitched seeing so much hurt in his eyes. He wasn't looking the aggressive Lucifer she used to know. His eyes were brimming with tears but being the angry man he is, he didn't let them out.

"Was it fun? Was it fun playing with me all this time? Was it fun to fool me? WAS IT FUN TO FAKE YOUR FUCKING CARE? " She flinched in her place as her eyes dropped to the floor.

He was misunderstanding her but she knew he was right too. For him, she indeed faked all care just to get the truth out. But only Catelin knew everything she did for him was genuine.

Lucifer pulled his hair harshly growling at how stupidly he believed her. He trusted her every word and this. This is what he got in return.

"I trusted you." He mumbled making her look up at him with teary eyes.

His glaring eyes met her teary ones as he took angry and fast steps towards he

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