His one and only

Author Pov

Catelin stared at him through the darkroom with stunned eyes for a second. She moved to the switchboard and switched on the light letting the man come in light.

He was dressed up in party attire. He was wearing a black tight-dressed shirt with dressed pants. The few buttons of his shirts were undone as well his cuffs were up revealing his bulky arms.

He was leaning against the wall while crossing his arms against his chest. His dark gaze was stuck on her making her clutch the hem of her shirt in nervousness. At first, she felt happy finding him standing there.

She wanted nothing but to run in his arms. Cry her heart out and tell him how much she loves him and none of her acts with him was a lie. But restraining herself she held her head up remembering the days he tortured her.

"What are you doing here?" She questioned with a cold tone surprising Lucifer.

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