The Beginning

Author Pov

Standing in the corner of the vast balcony a young girl smiled at the rapid drops of rain hitting the luxury floor of the balcony. The wind was howling while thunder was growling and she was enjoying every bit of it.

She was always a big fan of rain. She loves getting wet in it. She loves how this rain can be a reason for your happiness as well as a protector of someone's secret sorrow.

She extended her hand to touch the rain but instead pulled back letting out a small gasp as her small frame was embraced by a giant one. Her back got pressed against a hard chest making her startled at first.

Then finally inhaling the same familiar scent she let out a sigh of relief. His head once again nestled in her crook making her forcefully remove his arms turning around.

"Lucifer. How many times I have to tell you to not hug me like this." She said in a scolding manner making the giant man pout in sadness.

"But Catey you know I love hugging you. Your just so huggable what can I do." He muttered grinning like a kid making her shook her head.

This guy. Who can say he's 27 with a 6.1ft height and a well-built body. Weirdly he likes to work out and maintain his body. Even though he behaves like a kid but still he loves going gym and making muscles.

And his excuse. He wants to be a man for her.

She never took his words seriously instead only shook her head at his weird statements with a shrugging chuckle.

"Lucifer." She said his name in a warning tone making him look down.

"You have to understand Lucifer. I will not be the only girl in your life. In future, you will have a lifetime partner so it's better if you stop this or it will become your habit."

She said trying to make him understand but he only shook his head angrily scrunching his nose.

"What's with I hugging you have anything to do with that future partner. She should mind her business." Catelin internally facepalmed herself dropping the idea to make him understand.

Who will tell him that women are possessive over their men? Especially their spouses and their jealousy is one name of hell. And a cherry on top his father has already started to find a girl for him.

Catelin and his mother have been worried for him as his father is trying to find a well educated perfect and beautiful woman for his son. He wants a perfect girl for his imperfect son.

Even if he tries to ignore the fact that his son is abnormal it doesn't mean that everyone will do as well. Lucifer has money, looks and well build a muscular body but is it enough. No, it isn't especially for those rich girls who want their men to be the epitome of perfection.

If Martin King wants everything perfect for his son then others wished for the same. Lucifer's mother has been really worried. She knew if any girl said yes for her son it will only be for his money and inheritance. Nothing else.

His less manly personality and behaviour of a kid makes every girl just run away from him. And that's fears them as well. Him being so naive can make any girl use him for her benefits.

Catelin was only 1 year old when Martin King adopted her. He saved her from a human trafficking agency. She was an orphan from the start and they kidnapped her from the orphanage along with few more kids.

He returned the other kids to the orphanage providing them with handsome money so they would arrange better security. But as soon as his eyes caught sight of a beautiful girl with big green doe spheres. He couldn't help but coo at her.

So he decided to adopt the little girl and to his surprise, his wife was the happiest person on earth when he brought her.

At that time Lucifer was 6 years old. He was a normal kid at that time. He always remained distant from his family and people till he met Catelin. He used to play with her till she became 5 years old.

That time everything turned upside down and one tragic incident left a huge impact on Lucifer's mentality. He lost his sanity. He became abnormal and everyone grieved at the start but after some time they started accepting the truth.

It's been 16 years but Lucifer had no change in his condition. Even doctors gave up on him. He's still the same introverted and self-conscious guy. The only one he was or still comfortable with is only Catelin.

Catelin is a psychological student. She started studying psychology mainly for Lucifer. She knew no psychiatrist will be able to help him when he's not even trying to open up with them. So she decided to take this step and help him out after all she also had a deep interest in psychological and mental disorders.

"Forget it. Come with me." Before Lucifer could protest she pulled him under the heavy rain letting their bodies soak in the water dripping from the beautiful sky.

"Cate shit I am all wet." He whined like a kid making her giggle. She splashed the water using her feet making it hit on his legs. He playfully glared at her before doing the same.

They both laughed and ran around. "Catch me if you can loser." She teased him but didn't notice when his demonear changed.

Suddenly her wrist got caught in a tight grip as a large hand landed on it roughly pulling her back. Her body in one swing landed on his chest making her yelp in fear. Her hands instantly fisted his loose soaked shirt in afraid of falling.

His one hand held her waist while the other was holding her tiny wrist. Her head snapped up as she looked straightly into his eyes. And the emotions swirling in his eyes left her stunned to her core.

His orbs were pitch black and the darkness in them wasn't helping it to call it a kid's stare. It wasn't innocent.  It wasn't soft. It wasn't naive.

It was dark. Dominating and manly.

Her heart picked up a race as she kept staring into his eyes slightly blinking because of the continuous splashing of heavy rain on her face. But Lucifer's eyes were stuck staring in hers without blinking.

"Lucifer." She whispered trying to understand what she was seeing.

"Lucifer. Catelin Oh my God what are you two doing. You two will catch a cold." They both got startled hearing Lilian Lucifer's mother's voice.

"Right mom it's Cate's fault she dragged me." Catelin frowned at how his eyes changed. They again held the same innocence and naivete in them just like a kid.

He dragged her inside before grabbing the towels from his mother and handing one to Catelin who stared at him in confusion. 

He was smiling at her ruffling his hair with the towel. She finally let out a sigh shaking her head. Maybe she was just hallucinating because no way it's possible for Lucifer to radiate this much masculine energy when his mental state isn't well.

It must be her hallucination. Right?


For you guys so you wouldn't get confused that's why I decided to tell you the ages of main characters.

Catelin- 22 years old. In last semester of her psychological studies. And will start training after passing it.

Lucifer King- 27 years old. He isn't a high studied degree holder instead he hardly completed his high school with the help of Catelin. 


The rest information is reserved for future.



Next will be up soon. Keep liking for more interesting updates.

Till the next Adios.

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another good story to look for! gotta savour it quickly (*°▽°*)... btw,is there any way i can keep up with your work? do you have social media?

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