His Doll

Author Pov

Laying on his bed Lucifer stared at the picture in his hand with a small smirk playing on his lips. His thumb was caressing the picture while his eyes were stuck on it.

His heart even because of her picture started accelerating. How much he wished to tell her the love he had stored in his heart for her for the past years.

Sighing he brought the picture down to his lips leaving a small peck on it. "When will I be able to kiss you instead of this picture. My Lil doll."

His sinister gaze was fixed on the picture while his mind was running thinking only about her. His doll. His love.

His Sanity.

A few years back when he lost his sanity because of that one incident. He had locked himself away from the world. He didn't want to let anyone in till a hand of comfort on its own extended towards him.

It was Catelin. His doll.

She proved in his every hard time that no matter how much of the worst situation he's going through she will always be with him being his supporter. A shoulder that he can lean on anytime.

He loves but hates her at the same time. He loves her for what she is. But hates her because he knows clearly that she never treated him more than a friend. Why. Why can't she see how much he's making effort to be a perfect man for her.

Suddenly he heard a beep on his phone indicating him that someone is coming to his room. Instantly hiding the picture he laid under the blanket before closing his eyes.

"My baby. Wake up Lucifer." He heard his mother cooing at him making him open his eyes and again those innocent hazel eyes full of naivety melted the old woman's heart.

"Mom. Why are you here this early? Where is Cate." Lilian smiled at her son before kissing his forehead.

"Son remember she has university to attend. And I am here to get you ready." Lucifer looked at her with innocent confused eyes.

"Because guest are coming to meet you and your father asked me to get you ready." Lucifer pouted like a child knowing that he can't disobey his father.

He frowned a little messaging his head. "Darling what happened." His mother questioned with concern dripping from her tone.

"I don't know my head ached badly when I woke up and I don't remember when did I even fell asleep." He said with a frown trying to remember but sighed in defeat.

"It's the fine son. You must be too tired that you didn't remember when you fell asleep. Now come on go fresh up and take a warm shower. I will arrange your clothes."

Lucifer pouted sadly as Catelin wasn't there to get him ready today. She was the only one he loves to get ready from and loves how she always choose beautiful outfits for him.

After getting ready he went out for lunch. "Mom Ca--" before he could continue his mother interrupted him.

"My God. Son you already had asked me 100 times. I told you Catelin have lunch with a psychiatrist as she wanted to start her training faster. So she wouldn't join us for lunch now hush." Lucifer looked away huffing out like a child.

Reaching the dining table he saw his father talking to someone. He slowly took a seat which was beside his father. He looked at the guest only to find an old man with a beautiful girl who was looking a year or two older than Catelin.

The girl stared at Lucifer with annoyance and disgust holding in her eyes. She looked like she was sitting there with a gun being held on her head.

Lucifer shot a mean glare at the mean girl like a kid which annoyed the girl even more. Finally, his mother brought the lunch and they started it.

"So Lucifer how's your health now. And what you have planned for the future." Lucifer stopped eating his sandwich before looking at the old man with his innocent gaze.

"I am good. What's wrong with my health. I am perfect after all Cate always takes care of me. And about the future, Cate said I shouldn't be worried about the future I should always care about the things I have in present so that's what I am doing."

Mrs King smiled hearing her son's words. How much she wanted to hug Catelin for teaching her son those innocent yet good things. While Mr King stared at Lucifer's wide smile when he was mentioning Catelin and that didn't go unnoticed by the girl.

"Whose Cate." She questioned the guy who was busy chewing his food. He completely ignored her which burnt her insides.

"Catelin is my daughter." Mr King said without any hesitation making the girl scoffed.

"Oh, that adoptive girl." She snickered making both Lucifer and Lilian mad at her rudeness.

"Thea watch your tone." Her father scolded her only to earn an eye roll from the spoilt brat.

"She is our family member don't you dare to disrespect my Cate again. At least she knows manners, unlike some people." Lucifer taunted in a childish tone making Thea burn in anger.

Before she could fire back her father held her back shaking his head and glaring at her. She went silent making her father sigh in relief.

"I think we both have no problem with their marriage right. Why don't you talk about engagement and our alliance." Mr King sighed at the tone of the greedy man before looking at his son who was eating his sandwich without any care.

How can he just let his son marry this woman who doesn't even acknowledge his presence respecting him is a far thing. But again for how long he will endure all his misery alone, he needs someone and maybe just maybe this woman could understand him. Hopefully, it happens.

"Sure I think Thea and Lucifer should get to know each other. Son get up and take Thea to your room." Lucifer looked at his father with a stubborn glare.

"No, I don't want to. She's mean." He said without bothering making the girl threw a nasty glare at him.

"Lucifer." Mr King broadened his eyes in a scary glare making Lucifer pout sadly. He motioned the girl to follow him and after earning a glare from her father she as well followed him.

Entering the room Thea instantly cringed at the black colour all over the room. She frowned in confusion. When this man behaves like a child then why is his room so manly types. Scoffing at the word manly for this guy she turned only to find him staring at her with a disgusting expression.

"Listen here you useless Sherlock don't expect care love or all this bullshit from me. Your Cate may be a dumbshit whose interested in wasting her time by taking care of a useless shit like you but I don't care. After this marriage, I will always be with my boyfriend and a year later we will get a divorce. Understood."

Lucifer's eyes started turning red in pain as he heard her words but she didn't stop there.

"Your a complete useless child in a man body. I don't even know why God did so injustice by giving this Greek God-like looks and perfect body to a useless twat like you. What a waste. Trust me one day your shitty Cate will leave you too because only an idiot would prefer to be with you forever. I am sure your Cate only doing this because of your money and internally she must be regretting the day she was adopted."

Lucifer's eyes started tearing up. He furiously shook his head holding.

"S-Stop lying. My. My Cate will never think like this. She loves me. Stop." His words earned a sarcastic chuckle from Thea.

"Love. Who would love you? I don't think any sane girl would even think of loving a useless shit like you. She doesn't love you come out of your fantasy world."

"No. No. No stop. I said she loves me stop." His hands started shaking as he was still looking down. Thea smirked taking a step closer to him.

"She doesn't love you. And will never love yo--- Ugh."

Before she could complete her words her neck was held in a tight grip by a raging beast. Lucifer's gaze turned intense and murdering one scaring the shit out of the girl who struggled to get him off her.


His deep scary voice made her burst out in tears. His yelling made his parents rush towards his room. His mother gasped at the scene while Mr king ran towards his son.

"LEAVE HER LUCIFER WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU," Martin yelled at his son and successfully pulled the girl away from him.

Both father and daughter ran away from there not looking back. While Lucifer whispered the last words before his eyes rolled back dropping his body on the floor unconscious.

"She loves me."


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