Laura Angel POV

Luther takes me into his arms. The warmth of his chest is comforting to me. I want to be with him. I want to make love to him, but should I be wanting him right now. "I need you, Alpha," I say to him.

"Let me help you undress, and I will run you a bath, queen Laura," Luther says to me.

He unzips my dress. My dress slides down and hits the floor. I step out of it and move closer to him. "I can help you out of these panties, too," Luther says as he tugs at my panties.

Luther slides his hand down my side and holds my waist as his lips touch me. His tongue slides into my mouth. "Ummmm," I moan.

His touch is electric. "Help me out of these panties, big bad wolf," I say to him.

His hand slides down to my panties. He grabs the side of my panties and rips them off of me. "Ahh," I gasp as he removes my panties roughly.

"Slow down, wolf, we have all night," I say to him.

He kisses me harder and growls. "I want you, now. I want inside o
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