Luther POV

I hold my precious Laura. I do not want to let her go. What if the tribe asked her to choose between me and her crown? The thought of it breaks me. I know I was reluctant to answer her when she asked me if I would choose her over the pack, but the truth is I would always pick her. I love my fairy queen. I cannot live without her. I know this more now than ever.

Laura pulls back from me. "What is it, Luther?" Laura asks me.

"I was thinking that you are everything to me," I answer her. She smiles at me.

"You are everything to me, too, Alpha," she says.

Ando knocks on the door. "Your brothers are here, and the council is on the move," Ando says.

"Make sure the council is followed and send my brothers in here," I say to Ando.

"Yes, Alpha," Ando says.

I kiss Laura softly on the lip just as the door swings open with my two idiot brothers coming into the house.

"Damn, get a room," Silas growls.

" Where the hell have you two been?
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