4. Oh Boy!

I entered the classroom barely seconds before the teacher, and I breathed out a sigh of relief. I’ve never had a detention at this school, now wasn’t the time to start!

I was heading to my desk when I froze. My gaze met those annoyingly captivating, electric-blue orbs. Quickly dismissing the shock, I forced my legs to move and compelled my senses to go back to their normal routine.

Why is he here? I couldn’t help but wonder. He didn’t have 1st period with me yesterday. What the hell man?

I had successfully ignored him all first period, even managed to escape and avoid him all morning till our fourth period finished. Since I was daydreaming, I was kind of left behind to gather my things… And as expected, he stayed behind to talk to me. I was dreading what he had to say. That didn’t mean, however, that I was putting the arms down.

“Can we speak?” He softly asked me when I had straightened up.

“What is it?” I might sound rude, but I wasn’t in the mood for small talk –admittedly, I was never in the mood to deal with a werewolf.

“Are you dating that blonde dude?” He went straight to the point, looking at me intently, probably trying to decipher my reaction or something.

“What if I were?” I countered back, defiantly cocking my right eyebrow, not giving him a satisfying answer.

“You can’t!” He barked at me, starting to get irritated.

“Is that so?” I couldn’t help but taunt him, smirking ever so slightly.

He growled low in his throat, but I just kept my gaze steady and fixed on him. “You can’t!” He repeated, taking deep breaths; trying to calm himself, I’d say.

“And why is that?” I inquired in my most bored voice, drawling the last word.

His face seemed to pale a little at that and I almost gave in to the temptation a knowing giggle presented. He was probably trying to figure out what to say in order to convince me without revealing his nature and telling me I was his mate. “You’re mine!” He finally stated in such a possessive way, I would have winced had I not been prepared for the macho display.

“Let me tell you something, buddy. You are free to carry on with your man-whoring ways,” I jabbed a threatening finger at his face, “whereas I am free to flirt with anyone; to date and to fuck whoever the hell I want, if the desire arises.” I spat out at him.

His eyes were starting to darken and that was my cue to leave. But, for the life of me, I couldn’t bring myself to do that without taunting him some more.

“Just because I’m your mate, that doesn’t mean I’m yours,” I told him smugly while leaving the classroom.

I know I have been extremely rude with him, but I did not want to be his mate or anyone else’s or that matter. Besides, did he really have to transfer to all of my classes? Freaking stalker!

I was sitting in the cafeteria at my usual table; still a little upset about the confrontation that had held place barely five minutes ago, when my phone went off. Putting my fork down, I retrieved my phone from my pocket and hastily took the call without checking the ID.

I was surprised to hear Jeremy’s voice, “Hey sis, how is school going with you?” he asked cheerily.

“Fine” I answered him, feeling uncomfortable.

He let out a noncommittal “hum” then, taking an all too serious tone, said, “About that new guy at your school… he’s an alpha-ultra.”

I gulped down nervously, “Alpha-ultra, you say?”

“Yeah, he basically runs all of the US packs,” he explained. “Amazing, huh?”

“Are you sure?” I probed; the word amazing not what I would pick to describe that news. I’d be more inclined to say something like troublesome.

“Yeah. That's what my friend, Andrew, the alpha’s little brother, told me this morning.” He stated matter-of-factly.

“Huh, just lovely,” I muttered under my breath.

“Stay on his good side, sis. You don’t want to unnerve the guy,” he softly warned me; as always, taking his role as the protective older brother pretty seriously.

I giggled nervously, wanting nothing more than to shout, I might have done just that.

“Thanks, Jer,” I hurried the words out of my mouth before I blurted out something else.

“You’re welcome,” he said before hanging up on me.

I put my phone on the table, pushed my tray out of the way, and then laid my head on the table.

“Is he what I think he is?” Seth softly asked me. I could only give him a hum in response, not daring to look his way and see his worried stare. “You’re pretty much in a bigger trouble then, huh?” He stated nervously. I huffed and then straightened up, not wanting to dwell on the matter too much.

Just then, said alpha-ultra came toward us. Oh boy!

“Now what?” I hissed angrily through gritted teeth, a frown slipping onto my face.

“Can we talk?” Jonathan tautly asked me, his features seemingly calm but his eyes thundering.

“Do we have to?” I was really, really hoping to have more time before confronting him once again. I was giving Seth pleading eyes, begging him to intervene but he just slightly shook his head, giving me a look that screamed, “You’re on your own on this one.”

Some good friend you are, Seth, was my bitter thought even though I knew he was right - kind of.

Jonathan shot me a pointed look and that’s when I remembered, my brother’s warning. I probably shouldn’t push his buttons more than I already did. Therefore, sighing in resignation, I stood up and then followed him out of the damned cafeteria.

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