8. The Bombshell

I entered my room with a smile on my face. A smile that soon got wider when I caught sight of my best friend Celia sitting on my queen-sized bed. Her blonde locks bounced in the air as she shot up from her place and came to greet me. Her deep brown eyes were sparkling with happiness and she was grinning like a fool. I couldn’t help but wonder what was up.

We hugged for some time, enjoying each other’s embrace, then parted and sat on the bed.

“I’m so happy Karl woke up.” I heard her say in that melodic voice of hers.

“I know you are,” I replied, smirking, emphasizing the ‘know’ part. She had had a crush on Karl for three years or so.

She smiled then asked about him for several minutes before squealing excitedly all of a sudden, “I almost forgot! Did you know that the alpha-ultra settled down here, in this town?” I nodded, putting a small smile on my face, desperately trying not to grimace.

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Rafonzel Anito
nice friend you have
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Tonya Horinek
Hmmm...I like Jonathan. She seems to have a bad attitude.

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