26. Restroom Rendez-Vous (Part 1)

The Italian restaurant wasn’t quite as small as I imagined it. The store front might have been admittedly a bit small and the first floor not that spacious, but the atmosphere was really agreeable, jolly even. We followed a waiter upstairs and I was surprised to find out that the 2nd floor’s dining room was noticeably bigger. There were only 3 couples already eating and that made the atmosphere somehow more intimate – the dimmed lights played their part well too.

It was love at first sight and I was sure I would be revisiting many, many times.

“So, what’s she like?” I asked as soon as we had sat at our table and the waiter had left us with the menus, “The Oracle, I mean.”

“Is that all we’re gonna talk about?” How he managed to sound half annoyed, half amused was beyond me.

“Hey, you brought her up,” despite my defensive tone, I was impossibly excited to know more abou

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