29. Pride

Johnathan's pov:

I knew that Blake could be intimidating, and that such trials weren’t for the faint of heart, but I truly believed Jasmine could hold her own. Hadn’t her cousin killed several rogues in front of her already?

Karl killed the rogues for her sake. Don’t compare a defensive kill to a cold-blooded execution, my wolf reprimanded.

Yeah, well, it’s not like the pup wasn’t at fault here, what are you sulking for?

I don’t like the idea of a vampire doing such things to our kind, no matter the reason. Alpha genes could be quite bothersome at times. The wolves weren’t the easiest to deal with. Rationalizing with them could get pretty hard.

You’d rather we remained at war with vampires?

I didn’t say that.

You just wish you had been the one to get the idea for the pact, I teased.

I had been in my early teens

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