~walk with me ~

After lunch. Carlos decided to walk with me to my next class and I was totally grateful for it.

The last thing I needed is to somehow run into Logan again in the hallway after what I did to him a while back.

I'm certain he might get back at me for trying to destroy his balls. But it's not like I didn't warn him. He was the one that choose to play two deaf ears to any of my words.

We came to a stop a few distance away from my class. I still have a few minutes to spare before my class begins when I glanced at my watch.

Carlos kept moving from one foot to the next while scratching at the back of his neck in an awkward manner.

His eyes met mine momentarily before he swallowed hard and reached for my hand and took it in his and I just let him, wondering what he could be up to.

He gave my hand a little squeeze before looking up at me. I cocked a brow at him in confusion and his bright smile wavered a little.

His mouth opened s

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