~118 ~


It's been three days now since Logan regained consciousness. He is almost whole again but still weak and his wound a little tender but healing just fine. He is nearly his old self again.

After that crazy night of sex between us, Logan still thinks it was a dream even though I told him it wasn't. Just looking into his green eyes make me realize how truly blessed I am. Everything is just starting to fall perfectly in place.

For the past days now, I feel like I have done nothing but have sex with him and sleep like a log of wood. Something that can be blame largely on the pregnancy. Werewolf pregnancy can leave someone feeling more weak than a normal human. 

This pregnancy has made my bond with Logan even stronger than it was before even though he doesn't know the whole truth, he thinks my reaction to him is because of what happened to him. I literally feel depressed and pissed off when he is far from me and can't get enough of him when we are togethe

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