~prologue 2~


Alpha Vega stood outside in full alert before calling his Beta through their mind link.

'Caleb, Where are you? I need you by my side now!'

He heard some shuffling behind him before Beta Caleb came running and stopped when he saw the mood he was in.

"I'm right here my king"

Both men were shirtless with statute like muscles on full display. Their really tan skin was glowing under the full moon light and casting a shadow at their feet that was bare of any foot wear.

The King Alpha's dark brown hair that was gained an extra length had fallen across the nap of his neck with little strains being blown about by the night wind in a messy style.

Brushing it aside, he closed the distance between him and his Beta.

"Where are the rest of the guards"

"Holding it down at their position in the border" The Beta took a quick pause when he noticed the hardness on the King's jawline.

"What's wrong?" He dared to ask.

The King's eyes snapped at him. "Can't you feel it? Maybe smell the strange aura in the air?"

Beta Caleb brows only furrowed slightly in confusion.

"I can smell those filthy rogues and am sure they are not very far. Call in with the guards at the border and find out"

The Alpha's Beta did as he was told but got no response from the guarding lycans causing the King to groan out in frustration.

"I told you something was wrong" King Alpha Vega had practically growled at his Beta.

Sound of bone cracking began to fill the air as he quickly transformed into a large brown wolf with huge canine for teeth. Its furs was unbelievably brown that it was almost golden as he stood on all four.

Beta Caleb quickly transformed into a brown wolf as well. 

With both wolves standing side by side, the Alpha King looked into the full moon and howled long and loud and pulling the attention of the other wolves before the two wolves raced into the night.

It wasn't long before other pack members began to rush outside in their wolf forms at the call of their King Alpha.

Alpha Vega and his Beta ran through the forest, picking up strange scent as they trailed throughout the path leading to the outcast of the pack boundary.

The more they got closer to the end of the border, the more the King realized something was terribly wrong.

They both halted at a safe distance when they noticed the sight before them. All the guards were brutally massacred with broken limps littered all over the ground.

Some had their heads ripped off their necks and thrown separately from their bodies.

The sight was too gruesome even for an Alpha king who stood with anger vibrating through his furs.

The Alpha and his Beta were suddenly surrounded by unrecognized wolves with red glaring eyes and sharp claws.


He knew who they were without being told. They were responsible for the attack on his pack and he was going to enjoy killing each and every single one of them just as much.

The first black wolf that leaped into the air and towards the Alpha's wolf had his neck snapping into two under his huge canine.

Another wolf smashed into the Alpha and causing them both to tumble into the ground while slicing viciously at his neck.

Beta Caleb on the other hand come to the King's aid and knocked down the wolf clawing at the King's throat. He broke off its limp and smashed his skull against a fallen log and some nearby tree.

The Rogue wolves were fast and seemed to be increasing in numbers by the second.

Even though the King and his Beta were stronger and more skillful. They knew it would be best to call for back up before they are completely outnumbered.

The King Alpha gave another howled into the night and at the same time sending out their location to his warrior wolves and possibly to more rogues as well.

Alpha Vega and his Beta continued to claw and slice at the vicious lycans until little to none was left. 

The king Alpha had the last wolf under his feet and ready to rip out another limp when he heard a sound of dry log being snapped right ahead of him.

Looking up ahead, another wolf came out of the dark and stood staring at him as if he was daring the King to do it if he could.

Alpha Vega could feel the energy vibrating off the new wolf who stood with a disfiguring scar trailing along the base of his right eyes.

He must be the Rogue king. He had that wind of authority around him.

The king Alpha gave a loud growled before ripping off the lycan's head and threw its limp across to where the Rogue king stood snarling and shuffling in one feet.

He was going to put an end to his reign just like he did with his wolves once and for all as he began to take threatening steps towards the rogue king who stood bearing his teeth in anger.

The king Alpha was about to charge at him when he felt a sharp stab at his neck and causing him to crash onto the ground with a thud.

He began to whimper with warm blood rushing out of his neck, followed by a quick transformation into his human form.

The stab wound was precise and paralyzing as he laid on the bare ground with blurring vision while staring at his attacker who stood with a bloody sliver dagger and hovering over him.

He could feel darkness all around him even as he struggled to keep his eyes open. The earth was spinning underneath him as the forest beckoned on him to answer the call of his ancestors.

His eyes shut down momentarily before it flick open again as he stared into the eyes of his attacker for the last time.

Before he let the darkness enveloped him whole. He whispered the only name hanging on the tip of his tongue


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