Chapter 44

I spent two days in the hotel, Mandy came to visit me every day and she never came with anyone. I was happy she respected my wishes not to come with anyone. On the third day, I was ready to go back home and Mandy was there to pick me up. She ordered an Uber that took us home.

I unlocked my door. It felt nice to be back home.

"Thank you Mandy for everything, thank you for standing by me in this hard time. I don't know what I would have done without you" I smiled at her

"I must stand by you. You were there when I needed you and it's only right I do the same. I'll be on my way now, Peter is waiting for me and I have to go to work"

"Okay, thank you once again. I'll stop by the house later"

"Sure. If your phone rings please pick up, I don't want your brothers blasting my phone up"

"Yes, mum" we started laughing. It felt nice to laugh this hard "I promise to pick up" we hugged each other and she left. I locked the door and put on the television, they were showing After and they were halfway
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