Chapter 47

"The plan is we go to his warehouse where he keeps the collection and we cut them into pieces"

"How do you plan to achieve all these with just me?"

"I'm planning to use Samantha since she knows something about him"

"Samantha has left the city"

"When? I didn't know"

"After she came to ask for forgiveness she told me she was leaving. My brother broke up with her and she said she can't stay in this city knowing she wronged people"

"She got what she deserved. Now back to the plan"

"Why don't you get someone to do it instead, must we do it ourselves?"

"I don't trust anybody with this and this is going to be fun doing it with you"

"I'm scared. I don't want to enter any trouble with anybody, can't we just let it go. You said those designs don't mean anything to you again"

"No, don't man deserves a taste of his medicine. He has been on my nerves since and what he did was the final straw. I must teach him nobody messes with me and goes scot free"

"I'm begging you let's just forget it and plan
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