Chapter 3

I wake up and hurriedly prepare for my first day at work, I wear matching panties and a very hot dress. The plan is dress to kill.

And dress to kill is exactly what i did

I looked so hot, I grabbed my purse and walked  out of my house. I hailed a cab and gave the taxi driver directions to Rodriguez Enterprise.

As i get down i look at the y'all building.

Break a leg, show them what good stuff you're made of I thought to myself.

I walk into the building and see the very beautiful and friendly receptionist.

"Hey, Good morning I'm Samantha but you can call me Sam. I didn't get to introduce myself the other day". She says smiling at me

"Morning, I'm Eulalia but you can call me Euli" I tell her

"You're to meet the lady at the front desk on the 16th floor, she'll show you to your office, and we can get lunch together" she tells me as I walk towards the elevator.

"Okay" I say and enter the elevator.

I get off the elevator at the 16th floor and as I was walking towards the lady at front desk, i walk into someone and things fall on the floor.

"Hey i'm really sorry, i wasn't looking" the guy i walked into tried helping me up.

"It's okay, I wasn't really looking too" i say and straighten my skirt.

"I'm Jason, you're a new here right?" he asks with a smile on his face.

"I'm Eulalia, yes i'm new today is my first day actually i'm Mr Rodriguez's PA" I reply.

"Okay, see you around I work with accounts" he says and walks off.

"Hey good morning I'm Eulalia." I greet the woman at the front desk

"Oh, Mr Rodriguez's new PA" she says rolling her eyes and looking me up and down.

"Yes" I say firmly annoyed at her irritating attitude.

She pointed at a door that is opposites two big doors

"That is your office, Mr Rodriguez will send for you once he comes in" she tells me typing away on her computer.

I walk into the office and see a desk and laptop on it and there is also an amazing view. There's a lot of papers scattered on the desk so i start arranging and filing them alphabetically as that is the most logical thing to do.

After so long of just sitting and pressing my phone, the office phone started ringing.

"Good morning, Eulalia Mr ....." I start to say before the person on the end cuts me off.

"My office" he says sternly

I stand up and rush to his office, I knock twice and enter.

"You wanted to see me Sir?" the atmosphere was so tense and I just wanted the ground to open and swallow me.

"Sit down and this would be the last time you call me sir, I'm very sure you know my name" he looks at me, his eyes blazing at me.

Oh well who pissed him of

" I have a strict policy here and I hate late coming. I'm going to list some of my rules that you're going to adhere to if you want to work here" he goes ahead and list a lot of things but the ridiculous ones. He also gives me a list of clients and said i should book appointments with their PA.

"You can leave now"

I go back to my office and get started because there was a lot of people I needed to call . I work for a long time till I get a call.

"Hey it's Sam, are you ready for lunch?" I look at my time piece and notice that i had been working for a long time now and i didn't even notice. There's still a lot of work to do but I had promised to go to lunch so i couldn't cancel.

"Oh just give me a few minutes i'll be downstairs"

I wear my jacket and my heels, I removed them while I was working. When i get downstairs Sam and the guy I walked into earlier where having a conversation.

"Hey Euli" Jason says smiling at me

" You guys know each other?" Sam asks looking at the both of us

"Yeah, we met each other earlier" I tell her and me and Jason start laughing.

"Okay, so there this restaurant I know they've really nice food, it's a few streets from here" Sam tell us

We enter a cab and give the cab driver directions to the place, we get to the place, sit down and order.

"Euli tell us a little about yourself" Sam says smiling and the both of them keep their eyes on me.

"Okay, so I have two older brothers and i'm the only girl , it's just my dad my mum passed away when I was just seven" I say with a little smile thinking about my mum breaks my heart.

"That's sad" they say with a sad smile

" Yeah but it's okay now i'm in a better place now" I say smiling.

It no longer hurts when i talk about my mum. We eat and talk some more, I find out that Sam is currently engaged and her wedding is in a few months and Jason is as single as a pringle.

After lunch we head back to work and I enter the elevator as the doors of the elevator were about to close someone stops the elevator and I look up and see those piercing blue eyes staring at me.

"Erm.... Good day Sir" i stutter embarrassing myself. Immediately the door closes and the elevator starts moving he presses a button and stops the elevator.

Constantine pushes me against the wall of the elevator with his hands softly touching my face, and his blazing eyes staring deep into my eyes.

"How many times have I told you to stop calling me sir, call me Constantine that is my name" he says very quietly but you can hear the warning on his voice.

"Okay Constantine" i say a little too breathless for my liking

"Say my name again"

"Constantine" he touches my lips with his fingers, i could feel my heart pounding against my chest and it definitely wasn't out of fear.

"Can you please move a little" i say quietly but he heard me

"Why? do i scare you?" he asks smirking at me

"No of course not you're just invading my personal space" i answer defiantly

He moves away from me and presses the button and the elevator starts moving again. We stand side by side quietly when the elevator gets to the 16th floor he lets me come down first and i head back to my office to continue with the work piled up for me.

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