Chapter 4

Constantine's POV

What exactly happened in the elevator earlier why did I act like that, there's something about that girl that drove me crazy. I don't understand why i can't stop seeing her eyes or thinking about her. There's something about Eulalia that I couldn't get out of my head, I do not know whether it's her eyes the way it calls me or her smile.

My phone starts ringing and the caller ID  shows Larissa

Why is the crazy girl calling me again doesn't she understand that it was a one time thing.

"Why the fuck are you disturbing my phone" i yell at her

"Hey babyy, don't you miss me?" she asks in that annoying voice that irritates the hell out of me.

"Claire we had a one-night stand, it was nothing serious so stop calling to disturb me"  i say her name wrong purposely, to annoy her

"It's Larissa, you piece..." she starts saying but i didn't let her finish, I cut the call.

I drop my phone and walk to get a glass of water, when it's starts ringing again i angrily storm towards it and without looking at the caller ID

"I told you to stop calling my line Larissa"

"Who pissed in your cheerios" i hear the voice of my annoying younger brother

"Chase why are you calling me now, what do you want"

"Can't I call my elder brother anymore"

"I didn't say that, i know you're calling me because you need my help with something"

"Okay okay you got me, can I stay at your place for a few weeks, mum and dad are on my neck, they want me to stop attending parties and bringing girls home and it's really not my fault that i throw good parties and all the girls want a piece of me. I'm hot as hell by the way who wouldn't want a piece of this"

"Running away is not the answer to your problem, but you can stay at my place only for a week"

"A week!!!! that's not enough, please Consta you've got to help me"


"Thank you, thank you i'll see you when you get back from work."

It had been hours since I was working and it had gotten really late, I decided to go home as it was already late I checked Eulalia's office cause i'd seen the light on and she was still there

"Go home now is late" I tell her sternly

"Okay sir" she says in a little voice

I enter the elevator and go to the garage, i drive and wait for her outside the company, once she gets out i watch her until she enters a cab and i follow the cab until she get home safely before I head back home.

When I get home, I remove my coat and I walk in on my brother going down on a girl in the living room, Mrs Wilson must have gone home for them to be going at it in the living room. I cough to alert them of my presence , Chase turns and sees me and pushes the girl's leg off his shoulder and stands up.

"Hey bro" Chases greets me cleaning the wet patch on his mouth with a smirk on his face. I shake my head and go the kitchen he follows me.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you'll be home early today" he says scratching his head.

"You're lucky I was the one that walked in and saw you guys, you know mum has keys to my house right?"

"I do not even want to think about what she would have done if she entered here and caught me, plus the fact that i ran away from the house, I would have been dead" he says with eyes wide open, it was so funny.

"Good night I had a long day and I would really like to rest, I will see you in the morning" I walk away from him and go to my room.

I pull my clothes and enter the shower to wash up and as the water cascaded down my body , flashes of what happened earlier today crosses my mind and I rubbed one out till I blew my circuit, as I came it is her eyes that I see.

My phone starts ringing and I wake up groggily from sleep

"Hello good morning Sir, it's Eulalia i'm calling to inform you about your meeting scheduled for eleven with M&G group, they called this morning"

"I'll be there in the next one hour and I want the details of the meeting on my desk immediately i get to work" I say with a stern tone.

"Okay sir, is there anything you'll..." i cut the call before she could say anything else.

I shouldn't have done that, it's so rude and unnecessary but I just shake my head and go to the bathroom to brush and prepare for work.

I come downstairs and there is the sweet aroma, i walk to the kitchen and see my brother making breakfast at least he is useful, i think to myself.

"Good morning brother I made breakfast" Chase is actually a good cook but he only engages in cooking when he is in a good mood.

"What are we celebrating?"

"I got an email, last night after you went to bed" he says smiling cheekily. " I got accepted into school of Arts" he says loudly

"That's good news I'm happy for you, now you can finally go to school and stop being a pest" i tell him biting into the sandwich

"That's not fair" he frowns

"I'm joking, i'm proud of you" he has always wanted to go to the School of Arts"

" When are you going to tell mum and dad?"

"Later in the evening I think, but i'm definitely going to say celebrate this night with my friends"

"Have fun, I'm heading to work and stay away from my living room" i shout as I walk out of the house.

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