Chapter 5

I go to work early the next day and when i get to the office I start working on the files my boss  had given me the previous day.

As I working I get a call from M&G group saying that they will like to have a meeting with my boss by eleven , it seemed that the previous PA had been trying to book an appointment before now but they had been canceling, so I agreed for eleven because Constantine did not have any appointment by eleven. 

I decide to call him to inform him since I didn't know when he'll be coming in to work today. The phone rang for a while before he finally picked up

"Hello good morning Sir, it's Eulalia i'm calling to inform you about your meeting scheduled for eleven with M&G group, they called this morning"

"I'll be there in the next one hour and I want the details of the meeting on my desk immediately i get to work" he says with a stern tone.

"Okay sir, is there anything you'll..." i start to say but the douchebag ends the call. He's so mannerless, rude and so mean. I do not know why he evokes so many strong emotions from me, he gets on my last nerve.

"Are you okay" i turn and see Jason looking at me worriedly. I didn't even notice when he got in

"When did you get here"

" I knocked and opened the door and you were frowning and squeezing your hand like you were crushing something"

"I'm okay, i'm okay" i smile awkwardly

"Do you need anything" I ask him trying to change the topic

"Yeah, there are some files that Mr Rodriguez needs to sign"

" Okay, give them to me i'll make sure he signs them once he is on seat" I take the files from him and we start talking about a lot of stuffs and laughing , till the door opens and Constantine walks in.

"I do not pay the both of you to flirt during work hours" he says with his nose flaring, we could all feel the anger radiating of him. Jason scrambles and starts to leave my office

" Mr Philips the next time i see you lounging around instead of doing the work I pay you, you'll be fired" Constantine warns Jason and Jason hurriedly leaves my office. Constantine turns to look at me

" He came to give me files that need your signature sir we weren't flirting" i try explaining

"My office now!" he says and walks out

I go to his office, knock once and enter

"Lock the door behind you" I walk slowly to the door and lock it.

What does this man want to do to me? He is going to kill me and no ones going to know. I'm going to miss my dad and brothers all though they bully me sometimes i still love them to bits, i'm so dead.

"Come here" I walk towards him with so much fear,when i get very close to him he grabs my hand turns me around and bends me over his knee, everything happened so quickly before i could even get something out of my mouth he pulled my skirt and panties down leaving my bum bare, and the next thing i hear is pow.

There was pain first, then it turned into a tingly sensation that went down straight to my core and I did not know when i let out a very loud moan, i was so embarrassed. He spanked me three times again and  I bit my hand to prevent me from moaning again.

"Little angel i want to hear those sweet sounds stop biting your hands" he spanks me again, lifts me up and puts me on his desk. At that moment every sane thought was out of the window and I wanted anything that this sexy man would give to me.

He looks at me with those piercing eyes and smirks at me Fuck this man is really trying to kill me because what the fuck is all these sexiness.

" Take of your skirt and panties" he says looking at me in a way that made me feel hot all over, i was shell shocked i really want to know what's going on through this mind. I think about it should I wear my clothes properly and go back to my office or should i just fuck all those ethics and just see where this goes. After a while I pull off my skirt and my panties, he grabs my legs till I am the edge of his desk, my cunt was open for him to see. Constantine licks a trail from my the side of my foot to my core, he bites my clit with his teeth and I almost exploded. This wasn't new to me but it had been a long time since someone made me feel like this.

"Consta" i moan loudly not caring about anyone hearing me, he licks my clit and starts making slurping sounds as if he was having his best meal. He sucked on my clit, then he started fucking me with his tongue, this man makes magic with his tongue.

"ohh ohhh uuhhh" I moaned and he didn't stop he kept slurping and when i looked down and my eyes met his eyes he started finger fucking me with just one finger, it was so intense he added two fingers and I couldn't take it anymore I bent my head backwards and came on his fingers. Constantine licked my juices of his fingers and pulled my head closer and kissed me, I could taste myself on his mouth and the feeling i could not even explain it. He pulled me on his laps and kissed me with so much control, it felt like there was a warning in the kiss i've never been kissed like that before.

" The next time I hear you flirting with another man that isn't me i'll spank you so hard that you won't be able to sit well" he tells me with his lips on my ear.

"We weren't flirting, i have told you that before you just don't want to listen" I say rolling my eyes

"Little angel, watch how you speak to me we wouldn't want you to not be able to sit or walk properly" Constantine says with a glint in his eyes.

I come down from his desk and straighten my clothes and arrange my hair so I can go back to my office.

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