Chapter 6

The rest of the day in the office passed in a blur, I had loads of work and Constantine was constantly snapping at me at every slightest opportunity. I did not understand his sudden change in attitude. The meeting for 11am with M&G group had been cancelled for reason i had no idea off but they called, apologized and rescheduled for the next day at the same time. After work I went home, showered, dried my hair and laid on my bed ready to sleep.

I turned and tossed for a long time but I could not sleep, I could still feel Constantine's lips on my clit biting and sucking it I was so fucking horny. Mandy was not at home she was staying over at Peter's so I was the only one at home , I went under my bed and brought out Steve my vibrator. Since Constantine was not here to finish what he started i'll have to manage Steve I laid on my bed, spread my legs and got to work, I touched myself  and i don't remember how many times I exploded before i fell asleep with his name on my lips.

The next morning I got ready for work and left my house, on my way to work I stopped at a Cafe to get Constantine's coffee.

"What do you want beautiful?" The guy behind the counter asked.

"A cup of black coffee with two sugars please" I said while taking in his appearance, he was dressed in a uniform that brought out his manly figure, very cute and he had his nose pierced with a tattoo on his left arm but he is not my type.

"Your coffee" The guy said while placing a cup of coffee on the counter.

"Thank you, here's the money and you can keep the change" I paid and excused myself.

I got to the company and knocked on Constantine's door, heard a deep 'come in' I walked into the office, holding his cup of coffee in my hand.

"You're thirty seconds late, little angel" Constantine said not sparing me a glance

"I'm really sorry sir, there was a little traffic and I promise that it would never happen again"

I brought your coffee sir" I added after not receiving any response for my apology

"Drop the coffee and leave my office" he said so coldly

I walked out of the office confused and a little sad, Why the sudden change in attitude, did i do anything wrong?

thoughts race through my mind.

My phone starts ringing and I see that it's my dad, i'm definitely going to get an earful as i have not called to check up on him in a long while.

"Hey dad"

"You don't care about  your old man anymore firecracker" Dad said sounding really sad

"Dad stop saying that, i'm really sorry it's just that i've been really busy since I got a job"

"You got a job and you didn't tell me or your brothers, it's really not fair firecracker." Dad said sadly

My dad calls me firecracker because of how feisty I can be when i'm provoked.

"Sorry dad, I promise to come and visit you once i'm finally settled and have less work to do"

"Okay firecracker I love you" he cuts the call and I think of how my brothers are going to kill me once they find out that I got a job and I didn't inform them.

I get a call from reception that the CEO of M&G group has arrived and I tell Sam to let the come upstairs, I wait in front of the elevator for  him and the doors of the elevator open and a very hot guy with dark hair and hazel eyes stepped out of the elevator with a guy that looked stressed out trailing behind him.

"Hello good day I'm Eulalia, Mr Rodriguez's PA you're welcome to Rodriguez Enterprise" I say with a wide smile

"Oh my you are so pretty, please call me Adrian"

"Sir that is disrespectful and I don't think my boss will be pleased with me" i try explaining

"I insist call me Adrian, a beautiful lady like you can definitely call me anything" he winks flirting with me shamelessly, as I was blushing and laughing

"I don't pay you to flirt with my business partners Miss Fletcher" Constantine waltz towards us in all his glory.

"I wasn't flirting sir.." i say with a hint of anger in my tone

"Constantine it's so nice to see you, you have not changed at all bro"

"Adrian man it's been a long time" Constantine says smiling

How does this douchebag switch his moods, like one minute he is laughing and the next he is frowning.

We walk into the conference room and the meeting goes on for a long time. Adrian's PA Paul looks so tired and he's dozing off a little bit. After a long time the meeting ends and I couldn't be any happier. Constantine and Adrian shake hands and Adrian walks to me.

"Here's my card, call me anytime you're free so we can hang out" he winks and walks away with his PA

" You're so cheap, what it's been a few hours and you're already throwing yourself at Adrian" i hear a voice just beside my ear and I didn't need to turn back to know who was talking in my ear. Constantine gives me an irritated look and walks to his office. I stand there for a some time, a few tears slip from my eyes and then I tell myself that i'm not going to let this sick son of a bitch speak to me in such a condescending manner.

I barge into his office fuming

"Miss Fletcher how dare you barge into my office like that, it may seem as though you do not need this job anymore"

"Listen to me you asshole, I don't know what crawled into your ass and died there and i really don't care but what you won't do is to speak to me as though i'm one of those girls that hover and chase around you, you're the most shittiest, disgusting and disrespectful guy i've ever met!!" I scream at him and I was supposed to stop there but my mouth continued moving

"I do not even know why girls chase after you, you're not that handsome"

I expected him to fire me instantly but he starts laughing , he laughs so loudly i get annoyed that wasn't the reaction I wanted.

"Get out of my office and get back to work Miss Fletcher" he says quietly

I walked to my office embarrassed.

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