Chapter 7

It was late when I was done with all the work Constantine ordered me to finish before I went home, as I stepped out of my office Constantine also walked out of his office and we both had to enter the same elevator. The air was so tense throughout I had to pretend I was speaking to someone on the phone, when the elevator got to the ground floor we both stepped out.

"Have a good night sir" I said walking away, i was walking to the bus top so I could catch a bus that will take me home.

"Enter the car" I stopped and looked back and Constantine was on his phone.

"Sorry sir, I can go home on my own" I said forcing a smile

"Enter the car now and that is not a request it's an order, do not let me repeat myself" his eyes had a look of warning.

I entered the car and as the driver started driving away I moved far away from Constantine I sat very close to door with my he

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