First Day

I was woken up by the sunlight. I stretched my limbs and got up. I went to my bathroom and took a cold shower. After taking a shower, I wore my blue jeans and white blouse. I fixed my hair and put on some make-up. As soon as I knew I was ready, I got my things and went to start my car.

This is it! I can do this! I'll make Josh proud.

I arrived at Collins Designs exactly at 7:40 am. I entered the building and entered the elevator. The elevator was about to close when someone said "wait". I quickly press the open button and wait for the person to come in.

"Oh good morning, Ms. Jones." Mr. Collins said.

"Good morning, Mr. Collins." I said shyly.

The elevator closes and we stand there in awkward silence. Well, he broke the silence.

"So, you ready for hell, Ms. Jones?" He asked. I just rolled my eyes.

"Yes, I am. In fact, I've gone through hell already. I'm more than ready." I said in a proud tone.

"If you say so, Ms. Jones."

The elevator opened slowly while I was eager to go to my desk.

"After you.." He said softly.

I smiled and walked out of the elevator. I greeted Carla and smiled at her.

I went to my desk and waited for somebody to assist me. Moments later, a girl with blonde hair approached me.

"Hello! I'm Stella, you must be Kate." She said cheerfully.

She's pretty and young. She might be older than me by a year or two. Her eyes were hazel brown. She looks familiar though. And then it hit me. It's Mr. Collins' sister.

"Ah yes. I'm new here."

"Well, I'm your chief fashion designer. I'm well, of course, Marc's sister."

"Yeah, I figured that out. You look alike."

"Yeah I know, shall we start?"

I nodded and she told me the importance of fashion.

"Ok, Kate, I want to see your sketches before the day ends. Maybe two sketches at least."

"Yes mam!"

"Don't have to be formal here. Call me Stella."

I smiled and nodded. As soon as she left, I grabbed my sketch pad, pencils, and eraser. I sketched one of my favorite designs. I didn't realize what time it was when Stella asked me to lunch.

"Ok, I'll be there in a minute."

She came near me and saw my sketch. She looked shocked. Oh my it bad? I hope it isn't. I don't want to be scolded on my first day.

"Kate, you've such great talent! I can't wait to let my brother see this. Anyway, have lunch with us."

I hesitated but nodded shyly. I mean it's the first day and they treated me like I've worked here for years.

We went out for lunch. I got to know the staff. There was Bianca, the noisy and loud girl. Jaime, the crazy one. Carla, Mr. Collins' secretary, was very kind and polite. She said she worked for Theodore, Marc's father, he wanted her to stay loyal and work for his son. She said he's been kind to her ever since she applied there. There were a few more staff but I forgot their names. After finishing our food, we walked back to the building and back to our designated desks.

I continued my sketch and used my colored pencils. I was about to do the final touches when I felt someone staring at my work.

I slowly looked behind me and saw Mr. Collins.

"Oh, good afternoon, sir." I said.

He nodded and said, "I like your work, Ms. Jones."

"Thank you, Mr. Collins. Very nice of you." I said and smiled.

I noticed him staring at me so I looked away.

"I'm gonna do the final touches. I have to give them to Stella."

"Oh so you've met my jolly and annoying sister."

I just giggled and got back to work.

I finished everything before the day ended. I went to see Stella and gave her my sketches. I actually finished four sketches. I was surprised. I thought I wouldn't be able to draw two designs. Maybe I was inspired. Yeah, inspired by Mr. Collins. No I'm not. Maybe it's my first day so I'm determined. I'm never falling in love again. Ever.

"Stella, here are my sketches." I said as I handed her my sketches.

"Oh hey Kate! Thanks. heard that my brother came to you earlier. What did he say?"

"Oh nothing serious. He just said he likes my work. And he said you're jolly and annoying." I giggled as I remembered that.

"Oh really?"

"I don't think you're annoying. I mean, you're cheerful but not annoying."

"You know Kate, I like to annoy my brother. I'm actually disappointed in him. He never brought home a girl. A really nice girl. A decent girl. All he brings home is his bunch of bitches."

I thought he was a decent guy. Well, I guess not. By the looks he has, lots of girls drool over him. I mean, even some of the girls here.

"Ok.." I whispered.

"I'm sorry to say this. But I fucking hate my brother. My stupid, idiot, butthead brother!" Stella said sobbing. I hugged her and gave her a tissue.

"Hey, don't worry. Maybe Mr. Collins is just finding the right girl." I advised her.

"Yeah maybe. But it's just not right. He just keeps on bringing other girls every week. He never settles with one girl. You know I mean?"

Gosh. It's harder than I thought. I mean...maybe Mr. Collins is just trying to have fun. Most boys do that, right?

"Yeah. Maybe give your brother time. Maybe he's just getting used to reality. You know, like working and family stuff."

Stella nodded and smiled at me.

"You know, I like you. You're kind, beautiful, and like a sister."

I smiled and hugged her. I never thought I would be friends with my boss's sister.

Someone cleared his throat. Both Stella and I turned around to see Mr. Collins.

"What's happening here?" He said in a serious tone.

"Oh, don't bother, Marc. Kate and I are just talking." Stella said, winking at me.

"Talking about what?"

"Oh you know...some girl stuff..and you."

Mr. Collins turned to me and asked,"Kate, what did she say about me?"

I looked at him nervously and said, "Well, Stella told me you were a playboy."

"Did she say something else?" He asked.

I looked at Stella and turned back to Mr. Collins. I shook my head no and smiled. He grinned and smirked at me. I blushed. Like really blushing


He asked Stella if she wanted to join him. Stella said she wants me to go with her.

"I think my brother likes you." She said after Mr. Collins left.

"Oh...well, I don't believe in love already. After the incident, I never accepted suitors in my life again."

"Why? What happened?"

"I'm sorry, I don't want to talk about it."

"Oh ok. Well, if you need a friend, I'll be here. Ok...enough with the drama, and let's see your sketches." She looked at them and smiled.

"Wow! I really like your designs. It's different and stunning. You know what? I'm gonna ask my brother about doing a fashion show. I hope these designs will be out as soon as possible."

"Thank you so much!" I'm so happy that Stella likes them. I mean, I have lots of ideas.

"Come on, let's go." Stella grabbed my hand and head off. She knows where.

"Stella, where are we going?" I asked breathlessly.

"It's a surprise! We're gonna have fun!"

"What?!? But I have to go home."

"Your parents?"

"No. My parents died weeks before my graduation."

"Oh..I'm so sorry to hear that."

"Oh don't be. They never loved me anyway. That's why I moved here. I want to get over the past."

"Oh...well now's the time to enjoy. Well, here we are!"

We stopped in front of a bar. Blue Bar. Looks like I'm gonna get myself drunk. We entered the bar and saw Mr. Collins near the bar. He spotted us and walked towards us.

"Hello, Ms. Jones. Nice to see you here with my sister."

" need to be formal when we're out of the office."

"Well, let's party then!" Stella shouted.

Stella and I went to the bar and got our favorite drinks. I don't remember how many I drank but I'm so hyper. Stella dragged me to the dance floor and we danced and danced until I felt hands on my butt. I turned around to see some drunk dude. I pushed him but he grabbed my waist. Stella didn't seem to notice. I struggled but he's too strong. He keeps on touching me everywhere. He's molesting me. I want to punch him but my arms are trapped. My eyes blurred and tears trickled down my cheeks. Then I noticed we're not on the dance floor. He pinned me on the wall near the restroom.

Oh no. I'm in trouble. Fuck that dude.

I was already crying for help. I heard someone call out my name but I couldn't say who.

"Hey! Get your hands off of the lady!"

That's when I realized it's Mr. Collins.

"No can do. She's mine." The dude said while holding my butt.

"I'll give you three seconds to run or else you will never see the light again." Mr. Collins said in a scary tone.

"No! I want her! You, go away!"

"You want this." Mr. Collins punched him straight in the face. The dude's nose bled. He stood up and punched Mr. Collins' face but missed. Mr. Collins punched again and this time, the security came.

"What's happening here?" One of the securities asked.

"This guy was harassing the lady. I just defended her." Mr. Collins informed the security. He turned to me and helped me up.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, thank you sir." I told him.

"Call me Marc. We're not in the office. No need to be formal."

"Thank you, Marc." I sincerely thanked him. If it wasn't for him, I would've been naked already.

"Let's get you home. Let's get Stella."

We went to find Stella and spotted her at the bar. Getting wasted.

"Stella! Come on! Let's go home!" Marc shouted.

Stella just followed and walked towards us. We were about to reach the exit when I felt dizzy. The sound disappeared and I could see circles around me. I fell to the ground and blackness surrounded me.

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