Kate's POV

She responded to my message within seconds. I can't believe the fashion show is taking place the next day. Time really does fly by at breakneck speed. While Bianca is preparing an alibi for Marc, Stella, Jaime, and I went out to get some snacks for ourselves. We were unable to obtain permission for the three of us. We went to a nearby coffee shop and bought cookies, muffins, and cups of coffee right then and there.

Stella was a bundle of nerves. Actually, we're all a little stressed out. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. No, I haven't seen the gown Stella designed for the event. I'm curious as to what it looks like. Since the incident, I've avoided exposing a lot of my body to the public. We were in the elevator, and I was feeling a little anxious. I advised Stella that leaving the office during working hours was not a good idea. It isn't even our lunch break.

We entered the o

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