Chapter - 3

Kashvi's Pov.:-

" Auhh " I again cried in pain when he completely thrust his complete length inside me.

Although my eyes rolled in my eyes socket and my body is out of breath, my body is in shortage of energy but still, I dare to fight with him. I am not ready to submit like a weak woman.

However, he is my legal husband but only in papers because he doesn't hold any right over my heart or soul or me because I haven't accepted him as my husband and after this act, I won't accept this animal in future also.

I twist my leg in that way to kneeled him on his stomach. He hissed in pain while removing himself from me.

I punched on his pain emotions dripping face. I dragged my body away from him while he holds his bruised eyes where I have punched him.

I got up with difficulty becoming blind towards my pain because it's not the first priority of the situation. Currently, the situation demands freedom, escape from here.

My eyes ran inside the whole room in the search of a remote like a starving eagle.

" Heck where it is? " I shout in panic when I looked at the monster gaining his sense back to haunt me till my death.

I took paperweight as my weapon. It's better to kill him before he kills my soul.

I ran to attack him but as my hand moved in the air to hit him on the back of his head he turned and banged my body backwards to hovered over it.

He tightly squeezed my neck. His this action closed my air pipe. I wiggled like a fish in his hold for air. Tears slide down from the side of my eyes. I gasped and coughed taking as much air in my lungs when he left my neck.

He moved away from my laying body to remove his lower clothes. He shamelessly stood in the middle of my legs while looking over my completely naked body with a smirk, with pride, victory, lust, joy emotions in his eyes.

While me, I just took a swear to never forgive him for his these dirty deeds. My bloodshot eyes boreholes on him to write his coming future misery over them.

Because one thing I have learnt after seeing my elder brother Varun's condition is that no matter how arrogant or ' don't give a fuck to others ' type guy or any heartless person you are and whoever have to make any person suffer by their behaviour. One day they regret their deeds and try to repent same as my brother.

From that, I believe that he too will regret and will be ashamed for his this behaviour. I will wait for that moment to come soon only to crush down his forgiveness seeking efforts.

Because I couldn't punish him by the law as marital rape is not a crime in our country and no one is ready to voice out against it.

My rambling thoughts came on the brake when I saw him marching towards me while rocking his length in his hands which is covered in my virginity blood.

Seeing my loss. I broke down because like other girls, I had also made a small house of fantasy in my head, of my marriage, love life and relationship life to the one, whom I had made my ideal type man.


He again came over my body to tear it apart and filled it with his horrible history of deeds to me.




His pace increased and I couldn't anymore hold my mouth shut. I have buried my innocent caring self behind my tainted self because in future when he will ask forgiveness for his doing I will kick his apologies ass with the same heartless attitude.

The same he is doing right now by kick my pleading to stop.

As pain is building high to reach its peak to make me shout in pain ." Please for god sake. Leave me. I am begging you. I can't endure it anymore. What you are? an animal or a devil. Please rather torturing me like this. Please kill me. It would have been better if you would have killed me. " Before breaking in tears I said to him one more last time.

' you realise the true meaning of someone's pain when you endure it yourself ' I realised today that it indeed is a marking word of life reality.

Now I am realising what Amoli had felt, how she endured all the torture. Although I shouldn't say it because it's her life but I believe that my brother doesn't deserve a second chance from Amoli.

Because if anyone said me to give second chance to this man who claims as my husband. I would prefer to either kill that person or myself then giving him second chance.

" Why are you crying. I am not forcing you. you are my wife and I am claiming my right over you like a husband and about killing you. No, I won't let you die, you are mine and will be mine till I am alive " He said while holding my waist to glued my body under him for better access.

I am not in the condition to reply but his smirk is mocking me for my loss and his victory. Slapped my weak body to fill a fire of anger in it.

" You are not my husband. The way you married me it's a crime and yes you are forcing me, you bloody coward!

The time I flew away from here. High light my words inside your memory that I will make you cry in your blood tears. You will plead for forgiveness like a mad man but you won't get it ever from me. Ahhhh! Stop it! Ahhh! Ahhh *sob*  " I was cursing him with the bottom of my broken heart when he suddenly became rough in his pace clearly showing me his anger and crushing my body under his dominating self.

" Dare you kashvi to speak nonsense about me or our marriage. I am talking to you bitch. *Slap* Look here not over there. " He slapped me when he saw I am not giving any ears to his words.


" About making me cry in my blood tears *Thrust* So, I don't think you are in that condition because right now you are the one who is powerless, helpless and bathed in her blood.

Although your eyes are not crying in blood your pussy is crying in blood . " he mocked me continuously running his high rough pace in me to make me winch in pain more and more with his every deadly push.




I don't know what number of times he is again doing it but one thing is clear for sure that, this is the last day of my life.

It's not like after this I am willing to live but before closing my eyes from this earth I want to witness his misery from my eyes to soothe the fire inside my heart which is burning me alive.

" Where are you lost? " He asked me while slapping my left breast to gain my attention meanwhile I hissed in pain.


He snaked both of his hands around my neck to chock me down for a breath. I gripped his hands to free my neck from his hostage.

But I couldn't. So, my body gives up when I failed to keep my sense awake.

The last glimpses which my eyes caught were his grey eyes filled with lust and pleasure.




End of flashback.

I cleaned my face which was wet in my tears. I looked up at him from my glassy eyes when he passed me his handkerchief to clean my face.

His handkerchief itself is looking like a rope to me which will hunt me down. I don't know why but I want to jump out from this hospital room's window in the search of freedom.

When he saw me not accepting his handkerchief. He clenched his jaw to suppress his anger only by grinding his teeth over each other.

My body bathed in my own sweat in fright when I witness his next move.

He removed all the IV nodes away from my hands and was about to carry me in his arms when the doctor's words stopped him.

" Sir we need to run one last check-up on her before discharging her," said the female doctor.

He just nods in response and steps back to stand beside my bed to which I looked at the doctor with pleading eyes to say to her to kick this man out so that I could ask help from her or take advantage of his absence.

The doctor cleared her throat before speaking " sir this checkup demands privacy, so, if you don't mind please wait outside the room ".

In response, he released a mocking sigh with smirking in my direction with raised eyebrows which says ' seriously ! privacy! From me '.

" I am not going anywhere. Check here! It's not like I haven't seen her naked before. I have done way more than watching her naked " he said while licking his lips to make me lowered my head and hide my face behind my hands while the doctor just gasped hearing his dirty words.

I tried hard not to broke into tears but they betrayed me and ran down neglecting my protests.

My breath hiccup in my throat when the doctor's hand made contact with my bruised nose.

She cleaned its wound and again applied ointment over it but didn't place any bandage because it was not required while my forehead, side cheeks, chin are honoured by bandages.

Till the time doctor clean my wounds which were on my exposed areas I was okay and calmed but I shivered in fear when she opened my patient gown.

I didn't look in his direction directly but peak through my side eyes to confirm that his eyes are glued to my body.

More tears of shame slide down. I shrink when I felt his hand moving towards my face expecting a slap but instead of slapping me, he wiped away my tears.

I fist bedsheet in my both fists and closed my eyes tightly to let my angry tears run down which he again cleaned with wet kisses over my whole face.

" Don't cry baby doll. It's just me your husband " he said before I could spite my anger and hate dripping words to make him lost his sense.

I hissed in pain when the doctor touched my feminine part. I looked at her with painful expressions to which she asked apologies for hurting me unknowingly.

Meanwhile, he roared over the doctor to form her made a shield of her hands over her head to save herself from his flying fist in her direction.

I gasped in horror. Unknowingly to me I witness everything in slow-motion with my voice also coming out from my mouth " no leave her ! ".

" How dare you hurt her! Can't you check her gently without causing any pain to her? " He said while his fist moving in the air to hit the doctor.

By her lucky fate stars, she successfully saved herself by banding down in her height to let his fist moved only to hit air above her head nothing else.

Hearing his words I lost everything from my mind to hiss on his in pure anger " you are the one who has pained me not her, stop showing your sick behaviour, you spineless bastard ".

He is ample in my direction to hit me hard on my face to make my left injured cheek's bruises alive to let the blood flow out. The drop of my blood ran down from my cheek to fall on the bed as my face and upper body is resting by its side due to the impact of the slap.

My tears didn't stop anymore In my eyes, they ran down from their home to soak in bedsheets.

He fists my hair to grow pain in my head and hair scalp. Our faces came opposite to each other by his pull over my hair.

" You are ought to respect me! baby doll, don't forget I am your husband, so worship your husband as your tradition says! " He dominates me with his words.

He took me off guard causing me to yelp in surprise and after that moan in pain when he suddenly carried me in his arms in bridal style.

I looked at the shivering doctor behind me. Who has fear in her eyes and concern, pity for me.

Seeing it is my only last chance. I dared to open my mouth without giving any heads to a consequence after it " please help me, this animal has kidnapped me and forcefully married me. Please!  Ahhh *sob*  Please help! Ahhh ".

He squeezed my body in his hold when he saw me asking help from the doctor causing me to yelp more in pain.

" What? Don't you think she has a little bit of idea about it after operating you! did she make any move to help you from the last midnight? No right! than doll, it's useless to ask for any help from her because she is fully aware that if she dares to open her mouth then her whole family will face the same thing which you are facing. Perhaps more dreadful! " Saying this he took me out only to be get surrounded by several black-suited build men who are non-other than his security team.

Still not being comfortable in his arms I slept.





" Hey ! .. doll! Get up ... Doll! " I hear someone gently stocking my cheeks but it's paining me as my cheeks are aching.

I opened my eyes after giving up my wonderful sleep to lost my senses in anger when I found myself in his hold sitting on his lap with head resting on his shoulder while one hand is over his chest and the other behind his back.

I moved back from him not giving any attention to raising pain in my body. He looked at me with narrowed eyes and anger clearly showing that he didn't like it.

But like I give any dam to his likes or dislike to this ass.

I moved away from him to sit beside him but at a safe distance which he crossed in a while after seeing me away from him.

Not giving any shit to his action. I looked out from the car window to see the car is already in the garage as several other luxurious cars were also parked there.

One man opened the car door to causing me to run back in fear.

" Don't be afraid baby doll. They all are your helper to help you out with your work. " He hushed in my ears in his husky voice to pass an electric shiver run down my spins.

He slides down from his car through his side door to come to my side to pull his hand for me to help me in climbing down from the car.

I pushed him back with all might energy I  could gather in my hands which caused him to fall on the floor meanwhile his staff rushed to him to help him.

It seems luck is in my fate because I saw my way all clear as his helpers were busy helping him. I ran towards the door from where I could see little light coming indicating its evening.

I increased my pace when I heard ' catch her ', ' close every door ' 

Before I could slide out from the door is locked to make me wonder about my sudden loss.

Because a moment of seconds before I was about to kiss my freedom but now again I am here.

I heard heavy and angry steps reaching behind me but I didn't turn around because I am afraid to take more hits on my face.

My body flew high to rest on the hard muscular surface of my stomach. Yes you are right I am hanging on his shoulder


" Uhhh " I gasped when he spanked on my butt causing me to hit him on his back with my fists in an instant reaction.

He chuckled because I moaned in pain when my fist made contact with his hard strong back but my hands are also bandaged that's why it caused me pain.

" You won't learn it at once even after getting the warning. I would love to break you to build you like my desired version of yours " he said while ambling in an unknown direction as it's my first time in this place.

I didn't plead to him or said anything because I will run away from this fucking place soon so, no need to put my self-respect down to ask him mercy

He placed my body on the bed gently and looked at me with adoration in his eyes but when I looked at him to read his eyes he masked an emotionless face.

" Rest here and don't try to escape because you can't kiss victory, okay! So rest here till then I will fix the dinner menu for us " saying this he stepped out to give me time to observe the complete room.





" Ufff! Why god why? In this room's all windows are locked except bathroom windows. Huff kashvi, If the window were open, then how would you jump right down from the floor?  Kashvi stop panicking! Calm down! Breath in breath out breath in breath out. Good! " I calmed myself.

I need an error less solid plan for my successful escape from here.


I turned around in the direction of sound in a panic because I am standing in the middle of the room.

" What are you doing here?" He asked me the moment he found me standing in the middle of the room not sitting on the bed.

" .. I... I ... I was coming from the washroom and was on my way back to bed when you suddenly opened the door to scare me " I joined the words which popped in my head to form a believing lie sentence.

He nods his head buying in my lie and pushed the food trolley beside the bed.

" Come have your dinner," he said while pulling me towards the bed to make me sit.

I silently eat my food closing my eyes towards his presence beside me.

Cleaning my throat I asked him " why .. why did you marry me? Why do you hostage me?  Can .. can I talk to my parents? "

" Hmmm .. nice questions. Trying to manipulate me with your sweet gentle voice. Doll! Don't think I am a fool and don't take my calm behaviour for granted. I am not showing you my devilish side so be thankful for it.

By asking these questions don't tear my dry wounds because if I suffer then I will make you too with me.

I am your only family so talk to me forget about your previous life because after marrying me, I am the only one left in your life to call as a family " saying this he disappeared in the bathroom but in the whole paragraph of his shit talk he didn't manhandle me.

' forget about my family. No way. I need to escape from here before he makes me crazy with his shitty talk ' I said to myself while dusting my hands.

Let's wait for tonight. I will escape today for sure.




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