Chapter - 6

Kashvi's Pov.:-

It's been a week since my fake act, I am trying to pretend cool in his presence but let me tell you, it's really, hard to act completely opposite towards the person whom you hate to the extent that you can kill them at any time.

Nevertheless, here I am still courageous to act as a good wife, although I don't like it even a bit.

But it would be worth watching when I ran away under his eyes by using his trust with cursing it down under my feet.

Currently, I am laying on the bed engaged in a tight grip of the devil who is busy sucking my neck, shoulders, ears, face and not to forget my lips by hovering over my body with caging my hands with his.

While I am laying silently letting him do whatever he wants since I know that he wouldn't cross this line more than this.

" It's already seven in the morning, don't you have work to do? " I asked him in annoyance because my body is hurting being in the same posture since he is kissing me for the past half an hour caging me under him.

He chuckled and rubbed his nose over mine and in the last plant a kiss over my nose tip.

climbing down from the bed showing off his manly build up muscular body since he sleeps only in his briefs with me, he walks like a model and disappears in the bathroom.

Yes, we both are sleeping in the same bed from the time I am here but he hasn't touched me from the last balcony encounter.

I always said no whenever he tried to cross the line more but to my surprise, he always obeys me not before kissing the breath out from my lungs.

I too ran into the other room's bathroom to fresh up.




I walk out from the room to go back to mine and potato's bedroom only in bathrobe faking that I forget to bring my clothes. The bodyguard who was in charge of my room door security eyed me silently up and down swallowing hard.

He must be thinking that I don't know that he is eyeing me because my back is facing him but these men population should know that we women have two eyes on our back head so that, we can also see what is happening behind us. 

As expected my potato too showed up his presence at the meantime searching for me to make my plan successful.

" How dare you, to eye my woman! " He roared over his guard flying his hard fist in the air. I fake an act turning around while fake gasping in horror.

Only one sound can be heard in the whole silent area. Surrounded by several people but no sound apart.

*Bang* *Bang* !!!!!

Because now the guard is laying on the hard shining floor with potato over him, showing tight hard punches on that guard face.

I am not that way too innocent girl who feel hurt for this guard because since they are potato's security squad so no one is innocent among them in my eyes.

I let him beat that guy, After beating the guy to his satisfaction he kicked him out for outer security and shout " no man is allowed to step in this fucking building, no matter what important work you have, everyone will wait for me outside to talk no one will step in ".

And here as I had expected every man of security stepped out from the building.

One path is clear .. huff !! 

He walks to me and took me in surprise by carrying me in his arms in bridal style. He took me inside his bedroom and threw me on the bed.

Hovering over me not letting me say anything, he sealed his lips over mine. His lips are moving angrily with his loud groaning, grunting, cursing sounds. He bites on my lips making me open them to hissed in pain.

But I again lose to do it because he slides his tongue in my mouth to roam his tongue freely inside with time to time sucking and nibbling my lips.

He took hold of the string of my robe to open it but I clutch his hand tightly in mine stopping him. 

After sighing and composing himself, he got up from me letting me pant hardly to catch my breath. Sometimes he completely behaves like an animal.

I was catching my breaths as his kiss was as usual deadly, While he standing before my laying self hand resting over his hips with raised eyebrows.

" What was that? Why didn't you take your clothes with you? Did he touch you in any way or comment on anything bad? " He fired his questions one after one with clenched fist and jaw.

He is looking furious that if I say him yes then he will definitely kill that guy which I don't want so I nod my head as no.

" No... he.. he hasn't done anything to me, my apologize, in hurry I completely forgot to bring my clothes with me " I said in my low voice with my best adorable look.

He buys in it because he took deep breaths with running his hands in his hair looking as usual handsome however his ways are not acceptable so for me he is not any handsome creature.

" Come let's get ready for the day " saying this he pulled me into the closet with him.

I randomly pick out a teal colour suit for him and he took good fifteen minutes in the search of a matching dress with his suit colour for me.

My eyes turned round in horror when I saw that he took out a black colour saree for me which has a teal colour top.

He removed his bathrobe to hop in his clothes meanwhile I just stood silently looking at the saree with my eyes like trying to make it disappear.

However, since I am an ordinary common human so these kinds of marvel is impossible.

" What happens? " He asked holding my chin up to which I bite my lip not knowing what to do?

Moving his hand to my caged lip he freed it from my teeth. He caressed it with his thumb.

" They are mine to bite, Don't hurt them," he said after giving a quick peck over my lips.

Ewwww!... A cheap line from a cheap man! 

" I don't know how to tie it properly. Select something else because if I wrap this sarre then there are hundred per cent chances that It will fall down from my body " I said looking at my clothes section.

" Come let me help you, first wear this top and underskirt yourself then I will help you in draping this saree," he said understanding me.

' how he knows how to tie it? has he ever wore a saree? Or helped any other girl to wear it or teach someone? ' many thoughts rushed into my head.

I shook off all the surprising thoughts out of my head and wore an underskirt and top. He came to me and started to wrap it around me but in the whole process whenever his cold hand made contact with my warm bare skin, either I shivered or took deep breaths.

The odour of his manly body, his breath over my bare skin affecting me and tickling me in forbidden parts. I closed my eyes whenever I felt that I am turning into jelly, to compose myself not to lose my sanity.

Because his touch silently gives a wet feeling in the middle of my legs, come back to your sense you dumbo! 

* Throat clearing * I cleared my throat when he pushed my saree plates inside and his cold hard long fingers rubbed over my belly to give a butterfly dance in my stomach.

" Done," he said coming behind me and hugging me from the back while letting me look at us through the mirror with his head over my head.

" You are a foreigner right! Then how come you know how to tie a saree? " I asked him looking at myself in perfectly hugging saree. have to say this ' he is pro in draping saree '

" Hey! you even speak our native language like it's your mother language how? " I again asked him but he left me from his hold and stepped beside me.

I looked at him in confusion completely forgetting that I hate which was obviously due to his good features.

" My mother is Indian. Therefore, she taught me everything about Indian culture to how to live in India " he explained

My head boomed with only this information because it was unexpected, all the time I assume he was a foreigner. Out of shock, my mouth turned round in shape.

" Wow " due to shock I could say only this. he kissed my lips massaging my both butt balls after pulling me before him.

" You are looking drop-dead gorgeous in it," he said and again lean down for a kiss on which I put barrier by placing my hand over his lips.

" It's already late and I am starving! " I said to which he closed his eyes and plant a kiss over my hand which was over his lips.

He put all Indian wedding things on me like a wedding chain around my neck, red vermilion in my middle hair partition, Toe rings, anklets. I stood before him on a stool to make his tie while he is holding my waist pecking my forehead from time to time causing me to pass daggers to him to which he showed me a beautiful smile just like a kid.

Sometimes he behaves all rude and mad and at another moment he behaves so normally happy and good to me. What is he? A bipolar or insane? However, that's not my motive to know, I just want to fly away from here.

He interlinked our fingers after holding my same hand and we dismiss to go to the dining room.




After feeding each other with our hands he took me to the gaming room.

" Don't you have work to do! aren't you getting late? " I asked him while following him after coming into a game room.

" No I don't want to go today anywhere, I am all yours for today, my wifey," he said pulling out his hand for me to hold it.

" Okay! Mr Potato! " I said with a small chuckle placing my hand over his hand.

" What is this kashvi? Potato seriously! From which angle I am looking fat to you. My that part is should be thick for my woman to scream my name But apart from that part from which angle I am fat which makes you came up with this name " he said in annoyingness making me laughed out loud.

" It's my choice since I am your wife so accept it as a good husband," I said resting my hands over my hips trying to intimate him with my looks completely ignoring the fact that he is praising himself for his dick, dickhead!

A smile rush on his face when he heard me calling myself his wife But only if he knows that all this is just an act. 

" Whatever!.... Now tell me what you wanna play? " He asked me and I looked around. there are many things to play like table tennis, videos games, carrom, chess, football kits, volleyball, badminton, pool.

The gist of it is that there is every kind of sports kit to play but I don't want to go out as it's not time for the second step.

" Video game," I said and he said " choose something else if you don't want to cry for being a loser because I am a pro in this game "

To which I said " let's see! "




" Yey!.. I won! I won! I won!...  Hahaha so, Mr Loser what you were saying is that you are a pro in this game huh! Pro my foot! Now see who is the ruler in this game! " I screamed in happiness in my system after beating him in-game.

Instantly, he hovered over me pushing away the remote from my hands over the side table and said " then let this loser give rewards to the winner "

After saying that instantly, he put his lips over mine hungrily showing me his dominance.



He left my lips to let me feel a stinging sensation over my plumpy wet swelling pink lips. I touched them with my thumb which felt cold over them.

I pout unknowingly and eyed him angrily to which he smirked in my way and stood high in his height and took me in the library.



" it nearly lunchtime, let me go I have to cook for you," I said to him because he has hostage me in his hold by making me sit on his lap to feel his hardness under my butt.

" Ya you go I am coming," he said letting me go from his grip. Going out from the room I casually looked back at him only to witness him opening his pant zips and rest is history for you all to imagine what he had done after it.

I walk into the kitchen and silently talk to estaa telling her that my one path is clear to which she showed me thumbs up as a stroke of good luck for the next step.

From the past week, I have learnt about the security schedule. Now I just need to light the security outside for my escape success.

I finished cooking and went to call him only to heard him moaning my name as I walked in without knocking. 

My hands came over my mouth to stop myself from breaking in huge laughter. I silently walked out since he was so lost in his pleasuring world that, he didn't notice any movement around him, not even me.


I knocked and heard him say come in, I looked at him, he is seating behind the table on the chair showing that he was not doing anything dirty a minute before.

I suppressed my laughter by biting my inner cheeks. I took deep breaths while his predatory eyes are over me.

" Lunch is ready," I said and he just nods his head.

I walk out only to run into the bedroom to laugh like a madwoman.




We finished our lunch and soon dinner also. He took me out for a walk after dinner.

We both were walking silently hand in hand enjoying a beautiful night with me dreaming about my life after escaping from here meanwhile, four guards following us.

Here, come my second plan. 

I removed my hand from his faking an angry look on my face, With that tried to pull some tears out from my eyes which by God grace ran down.

" What all this potato? Who I am to you? Here I am living with you leaving behind mine everything. Don't you think at least I deserve a little bit of your trust, privacy and freedom to live here " I shout at him taking him off guard because he has expressions that say ' what heck happened to her a minute before she was okay and fine but now what happened to her? '.

He is looking so confused, he barely nods his head with the " yes " word.

" If yes then what these people are doing here? Or are they scared that I will kill their boss means you with my these small bare hands " I said.

He understood my words and said " no need to follow us " to his guards.




Soon we reached near the main massive entrance gate where the team of security is standing with loaded guns. I swallowed hard and pick out the knife which was hidden inside my saree in my waist obviously still hiding away from the potato.

We walk more towards it and I said " see why there is also this much security, two are enough. Narrow nuts! You know what I think I can't trust you ever since you don't " I couldn't complete my other words because he dismissed them leaving only one man at the gate.

However, his security men tried to protest but one look from his eyes and they all went into their quarters silently.

After two-three steps " ahh " I fake a painful cry faking a light fall on the ground showing that I have twist my ankle.

Potato band down to my level in concern with worry to check my ankle but like I will let him not even in his dreams. 

I moved him away from me by pushing him a little backward and I said " water, ahhh. I want one glass of water first and only after that you can check my ankle "

" Okay then let me take you in then you can have water " he suggests

" But I want to stay out a little more please, also I don't think it's this service, " I said in an adorable voice to make him agree.

Since he has no phone in his pants pocket. Therefore, he said the one left guard to bring one glass of water for me as I object when he tried to go in to bring water for me because I can trick him not his guards.

The guard soon left away from my sight and as a potato is already kneeling before my sitting self. Even though my heart shrinks down in guilt, I with full power in my body hold the knife tightly and stabbed it in his stomach.

He didn't moan in pain, no painful expressions on his face but his eyes looked at me in shock, confusion and soon his face showed pain expressions with fury in his eyes, his expressions turned into dangerous one when realisation sink in his head.

" Betray! " He said and one tear slide down from his left eye causing my heart to pang in guilt for stabbing him.

my tears also race down blurring my vision as I too felt his pain but I don't have any choice apart from it.

" I am sorry for this but I have no choice, I want my freedom. I can't live like this... Goodbye! " I said looking into his eyes causing him to look at me with a broken face.

My eyes became bigger in size when I saw that he is trying to catch me in his hold, I pushed him back without pulling that knife out. More tears ran down my eyes when I saw him laying on the ground with pain, hurt, anger, fire in his eyes.

Hastily, I ran to my freedom gate with the roaring of his voice in the air.

" Catch her she is running! Kashvi stop right there if you love your life! You will regret doing this. Kashvi you will pay for this in the worst way " I heard his roaring sound in the air which is getting light with my every step towards the gate.

I took out the magnet with a chemical which estaa had given me this afternoon. I did as she had instructed me to disconnect the digital lock with electricity and for only one minute door opened.

I slide out from it with running in comfy slippers, With ringing anklets in my ankle.




For the past few hours, I am running continuously like this with the little little break in my run to catch my breath.

I had removed my all jewellery and tied them in a knot of my saree's hanging edge which I can use to gain some money by selling them.

My throat is dry like a desert, I want water and this dark forest is another thing. Though this forest is filled with wild animals as I can hear their voice but I am not more terrified from it than potato.

I would love to be caught in the lion's jaw than the potato's hand. My tears are not stopping as guilt is killing me for stabbing him.

I again ran in the same direction to climb down the mountain. How come I easily climb on this huge mountain than let me tell you, I know rock climbing and I am a good runner so, it just a piece of cake to me.

But I am thirsty, I need water. It would have been good if I had taken a water bottle with me also. However, the good thing is that I am free from that hell.

I reach near the road which was dark as the moon is not present in the sky. It's on its vacation.

I light up the hand torch which has little battery left in it to see the road is clear.

I came on the road and walk more further hardly four-five steps only to shrink down in terror when suddenly everything around me lights up with high strong lights of vehicles.

It didn't take me a second to understand what is it and I race back inside the forest without looking back.

I ran and ran, my tears ran down from my eyes in fear since I could hear heavy running steps behind me with torch lights on me but at a moment I lost my breath with dry throat when my ankle twist causing me to roll on the ground and fall under a shaded place. So, I took shelter under a small den of a big tree's root in which I fall accidentally.

Hiding under there I can see every step and the team of men shouting " mam please walk out and come back with us, sir is injured in his stomach and he is so furious kashvi mam!... Mam! Look over there. Run run fast to catch her soon or no one knows who but anyone of us will die if we didn't find mam before sunrise " They all ran in the direction from where they hearing voices.

I put my hands over my mouth in horror and tried to suppress my weeping as I am getting terrified with each passing second.

My body is shivering in fear and since I am in a saree no warm cloth over me so I am getting freezy but thank to this tree that I am hidden from their eyes.

Soon everything became silent and my heartbeats too came back to their normal rhythm. God knows how and when but I slept under it peacefully with no worry of tomorrow.



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