Chapter - 9

Author's Pov.:-

' What did he just say? ' kashvi's brain asked her in confusion meanwhile the devil himself lost in her mouth by sucking, roaming his tongue in her mouth.

Kashvi's face frowned in disgust, the more his tongue roam in her mouth, the more she feels like puking in his mouth but for that, she should have eaten to puke out.

She pushed him when he left her lips after satisfying himself an evil smirk never left his lips causing kashvi to fear him.

She closed her eyes as her head is spinning. It took her a good minute to calm herself.

' it's not like he never has kissed me before but why I am feeling this much dizzy only by his kiss. why I am getting weak more and more with passing days? It's not like he is a real demon who just suck my soul out and due to that, my body is shaking for its loss!

Gosh, kashvi! Every sane p
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