~Four Months Later~

~Missy’s Point of View~

“Are you sure you’re ready to try this baby,” Nate asked, from underneath me. 

I made a face, since I was already struggling like hell with my current position. I was splayed out across the top of Nate’s body with my back to his chest. My hair was likely suffocating him.

Between everything with the village and having little Fisher, we rarely take advantage of the witches’ offers to send us somewhere exotic anymore. But tonight had been planned for weeks, and both grandmas were handling things so we could have a weekend away. However, I still had to have Kendra pop in every 12 hours


Thank you so much for encouraging me to write this story, I loved bringing Nate, Missy and Ryan to life! Leave me a review and let me know what you thought of our little trio! Please follow me online under Saree Bee Writer for updates and new releases!

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Love the story.
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Güera De Tejas
Amazing series!!...️...️
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Alexandria Barnes
I love the series!!! I hope you write the next story on Zach, Ryan, and etc kids
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