My husband uncle Tom
My husband uncle Tom
Author: Makananelo Mokete

Living with my cousin

Evelyn was the third child in the family of four children. She had two sisters and a brother. Their father was a miner while their mother was working at a restaurant. Both parents were working away from home. She was brilliant and always performed well at school. Her siblings were jealous of her. They didn't like her because she was always praised by their parents. Her home was in a small town outside the city. She was attending school at a local high school.

Adam who was Evelyn 's uncle also had four children. The firstborn Eric didn't perform well at school. His parents decided to take him out of the city. Adam arranged with his sister Joyce who was Evelyn 's mother for Eric to stay at her home away from the city. Adam and his wife were both lawyers and earned great salaries. Again he was a shareholders in a large company. They were a rich family.

The following year Eric moved to J town to stay with his cousins. He become close to Evelyn and taught her many things about city life. Her siblings didn't like Eric too because he was always helping her. They became so close and open to each other. Most of their conversation was about relationships. Eric was overprotective and prevented Evelyn from dating. He used to tell her that most guys at school are not good enough for her.

Eric 's school performance improved. He took part in various activities at school such as science Fare, English club. He performed well and both him and Evelyn got awards for outstanding performances. They were both also singing for school and church choirs. Again Eric took part in school soccer team and was doing great. His parents were impressed with the results of moving him away. 

During the summer holiday both Evelyn and Eric visited Eric 's family at the city. Eric would bring Evelyn everywhere he went. He was three years older than her and had a girlfriend. Each time he went to his girlfriend, he would leave Evelyn with their relative Lawrence. Lawrence was a high ranking police officer. His father and Adam were brothers. He was single and staying in the same apartment with his friend Tom. Tom was also a high ranking police officer who was also single. 

Evelyn used to stay at their place every weekend when Eric goes to his girlfriend. She would clean their houses, cook for them and do their laundry. They were happy with her stay. Eric 's mother Lizzy was both a lawyer and a chef. She taught Evelyn how to cook and bake during her visit at their place. Evelyn knew only simple dishes before coming to the city. 

Evelyn practiced her cooking at Lawrence 's place. Lawrence and his friend always praised her. They urged her to visit them everytime she is not busy so that she helps them with house chores.

Tom ' s brother was married to Joyce 's sister Edith. Evelyn used to visit their place and had a crush on Tom about two years ago. She didn't tell anyone about her crush on him. And gave up after her cousins told her that Tom has a girlfriend. Edith 's daughters were Tom's niece therefore they called him uncle. Evelyn called him uncle together with them. 

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