Fallen inlove

Evelyn was very beautiful and had a nice body. She was very sweet and humble. She was also among best students at school. Most guys as school admired her. She was not ready for a relationship and refused all of them. Eric was overprotective and did not allow her to date. He told her that the boys at school at not worth of her, she would meet a good guy at university in the future. She was a good singer and had a great voice. Most guys at school and church choirs wanted to sing solos with her.

Lawrence went on a work related workshop abroad and left his house key with Tom so that Evelyn would clean his house and wash his clothes. Eric left Evelyn at Lawrence 's house as usual. Tom opened the door for her to clean and do the laundry. Evelyn' s heart began to beat rapidly as soon as she met Tom and she was very surprised because she had thus kind of reaction for the first time. 

Later they went to his house to prepare lunch. They chatted happyly while they were cooking and her heart beat was getting out of control. Tom on the other hand was attracted by her but he tried to control his emotions. He helped her to cut the vegetables. He fell inlove with her at first sight some years ago. The first time he saw her at the city the spark rose. He was afraid of courting her because she used to call him uncle together with Edith 's daughters. He was admiring her secretly.

They chatted freely and he decided to ask her if she has a boyfriend. She replied that she is not yet ready for a relationship and waiting to for Mr Right when she goes to university. He become happy with the response and realized that he still got the chance. He had a girlfriend but they broke up because he was loving somebody else.Evelyn was great in many aspects and he saw her not only as a girlfriend but also as a future wife. 

Soon the dishes were served and their aroma filled the whole room. She prepared four dishes and his favorite fish soup. They sat at the table and begin to eat. He couldn't help and praised her cooking. He praised not only her cooking but her everything. He got the courage to say what he has been keeping for a long time.

"Eve you are so great at everything you do. I have never seen a woman as wonderful as you are. It's very unfortunate that you may fall for a guy who doesn't even cherish you. I wish we were able to date and marry our relatives like you so that we can be able to love and protect them. "he said.

" Life is very unfair uncle."she replied without thinking.

" Eve I have known you for a long time, I have fallen inlove with you the first day I saw you when you visited my brother and his family. I tried to ignore my feelings for you for a long time. Everytime I see you my heart beats violently. I love you so much Eve and I want you to be my woman. Can you give me the chance to love and protect you? I don't need the answer now since this might be a shock for you but please go and think about it."he confessed. 

Evelyn was shocked by Tom 's sudden confession. She thought about her crush for him that she gave up because she thought it's childish but he also loves her. Can she date her uncle? Was that their fate? She couldn't tell him about her crush for him. She was just very surprised.

"I don't want things to be awkward between us. If you don't love me please just say no but don't hate me. Just take it as if I was joking. Again can you please keep this between us. I don't want you to tell anyone. He added. 

Tom felt happy and relieved after saying what he has been keeping for a long time. He also felt guilty and ashamed. He and  Lawrence had been great friends for a long time. They trusted each other and Lawrence entrusted him with her. He would consider it as a betrayal if he knew he was courting her. Lawrence was still overprotective like Eric. They loved Evelyn and  treated her like their own sisters.

"I will think about it like you requested and but I can't promise to keep it as a secret because me and brother Eric don't keep things from each other. I don't want him to be mad at me if he discover it later." she replied.

The atmosphere was awkward now and the room was silent. Evelyn went to the kitchen to wash the dishes while Tom played with his phone. He kept looking at the kitchen from time to time. Soon somebody rang the door  bell and it was Eric coming to take Evelyn home. They said goodbye to Tom and drove home. 

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