Follow your heart

On their way home, Evelyn hesitately told Eric about Tom and his confession. Eric was shocked but to her surprise he was not angry like he used to be when she told him about the boys at school. He was very calm and asked her if she loved him. He found it to be an interesting topic and decided to park the car at the side of the road so that they have a good chat. She told him about her crush on him some years back and how her heart beat accelerated every time the meet. 

"Tom is a nice guy little sister, I would be happy to have him as my brother-in-law. I think you can give him the chance. If you date him, he is going to help me protect you. I believe that you are safe in his care more than any other guy. I am not making a decision for you Eve,you can follow your heart. I am just giving advice as a big brother who is loving and overprotective of his sister. You know I am very strict with boys around you but this one is an exception." he said. 

"I hear you but uncle Tom is my uncle. How do I date my uncle? It doesn't feel right and again if we break up so many people are going to be caught up in our conflict." she replied.

"You can't talk about break up before you even start dating. Why do you think you will break up? Some days ago I was talking about relationships with him and he told me that he needs to settle for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. Again Tom is not your uncle, he is blood related to your cousins not you. I am looking for what's good for my sister. If you agree to be his woman, most girls are going to respect you for having such an outstanding boyfriend."

Tom was very handsome and elegant. He was also very tall and has a good temperament. He was very friendly and so soft. He was a high ranking police officer and a business man. He had a taxi industry which he runs during his spare time. Eric believed, that he was the best candidate for his cousin since he had a good job, good heart and good looks.

"So you want to be his brother-in-law?" she asked while laughing out loud. "That sounds a bit crazy." 

"I am doing what's best for my little sister.Just take time to think about what we said." He gave her a reassuring hug and drove home. Soon they got home and she went to the kitchen to help Lizzy in the preparation of dinner. Lizzy had only one daughter Agnes, she was happy having Evelyn around. Agnes too was happy to have a sister. When the food was ready Agnes set the table and all the seven people gathered around the table to eat. During dinner Adam announced that there is going to be thanks giving ceremony in two weeks time. 

The following weekend Eric took Evelyn to Lawrence 's place and went to his girlfriend as always. Lawrence had an emergency at work. Eric spend the whole week persuading Evelyn to agree dating Tom. He couldn't force her if she was not ready but he strongly encouraged her. She couldn't give him a direct answer, but he thought she would take his word into consideration. 

The house was neat today and she only needed to prepare lunch. She put an apron and went to the kitchen. She become busy with the cooking. The nice fragrance of food was smelled from the kitchen. Tom was sitting in the living room watching TV. He was very anxious thinking about Evelyn. He was looking at the kitchen from time to time. 

Later on he got the courage to go to the kitchen. The smell of food attracted him. He gave Evelyn a hug from the back with his arms wrapped around her waist. His chin rested on her shoulders. Evelyn blushed and had her heart beating vigorously. He whispered into her ear "I love u so much Eve." Evelyn blushed again and her face was red. She was shy and couldnt look at him.

Their lovely moments was interrupted by Lawrence who came back from work. He rang the door  bell once and got into the house. Tom pretended to be looking for a bottle of water from the fridge while Evelyn continued preparing the food. He greeted them and was very surprised to see Evelyn with a red face. He asked her if she was having fever or something. She replied that the kitchen was too hot and Tom helped her to put on the air conditioner. 

"I am going to change and I will be back in a minute. I am so hungry and the food here smells so good." he said. 

"My niece is a good cook, her dishes are not different from the ones at the restaurant." Tom praised her. 

"I am learning from the best teacher. The food will soon be ready, hurry up and change."she said. 

Lawrence went out to change while Tom set the table. Evelyn was so shy and didn't want to look at Tom. She couldn't even find the topic to chat with him. Her reaction was seen by Tom who was amused by her. 

" Are you shy baby girl? "He asked. 

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