Her first kiss

Evelyn prepared four dishes and a soup. She placed them on the table. Lawrence came back after changing into a pair of black pants and a white t-shirt. They were simple clothes of expensive brands. He was very elegant and classy. He was from a royal family and had a special temperament of a prince. He was very handsome and had big ears which made him more charming. Both him and Tom were very tall and charming. Women used to admire them everywhere they go.

The three people sat at the table and ate lunch together. They praised the food and Tom felt so proud of his girlfriend. He was very happy with his choice. Lawrence reported this emergency work to Tom as they ate. Evelyn was listening to their complicated terminology and admired them.

After eating Evelyn took the dishes to the kitchen to wash them. Lawrence and Tom sat on the sofa to watch soccer on TV. Lawrence 's phone rang and he went outside to answer. Tom also stood up and told him that he is going to help Evelyn with the dishes. He went to the sink and planced his cold lips on her soft lips. Evelyn never had a kiss and was a bit clumsy.

He kissed her passionately until they were both out of breaths. The kiss caught her off gut, she was very surprised and shy. She was also afraid of being caught by Lawrence but she could not resist the kiss because she made up her mind to date Tom. Tom was also afraid of being caught therefore he stopped the passion. He was angry with Lawrence for coming home earlier.

They washed the dishes and in silence. Both were immensed in their own different thoughts. After washing the dishes they both sat at the sofa to watch TV. Lawrence ended the call and joined them. They talked and laughed together. He couldnt notice the strange atmosphere in the room. Later Eric too joined them.

On their way home Eric wanted feedback from Evelyn who was shy and blushing.

"I have completed your mission big brother.From today on, me and uncle Tom are a couple. "

"why are you even shy? Stop calling him uncle, he is now your boyfriend. You can call him sweet names such as honey, darling, sweetheart. I need a romantic sister."

"I am dating Tom not you big brother." She was angry. " This is my first boyfriend and my first day with him, I can't leant everything in a single day."

"My sister is a genius I know, she can learn everything at the go. Did you kiss your new boyfriend" he teased her.

"No, I didn't. Can we kiss each other in front of brother Lawrence?" 

" You are right, you can't play lovey-dovey in front of us. Do you know that people who are inlove sometimes have sex? Are you going to kiss and have sex with your uncle?" He teased her again. They were free to talk to each other about such topics.

"No". she angryly denied 

"What will you do if he wants to have sex? Are you going to break up with him? Will you be bold enough to say no? And if you can't say no please remember to use a condom."

She didn't know what to say and was very shy. She felt that falling inlove was a big decision that needs thorough thinking. If she is not careful, she might fall pregnant at early age and with a close family member. 

" I am happy for you little sister, welcome to the club." He gave her a warm brotherly hug. "I have a feeling that you are going to be the best couple."

"Thank you very much big brother for believing in me. You are an overprotective brother I ever had but I am surprised that you allowed me to date. I won't disappoint you. Thank you so much, I owe you big time."

"How do you repay my kindness? I can't wait for my gift. Next year I am going to the University therefore I can't protect you for ever. I must stop being selfish and let you find your soul mate. I want to leave you with the man that I can trust you with. I think both of you will take this relationship seriously." 

They arrived at home and changed the topic. Evelyn got the chat on her whatsup when she went to sleep.

" Thanx so much for giving me the chance Eve"she was happy but she didn't know what to say.

"I love you so much the queen of my heart"

"     "

"May your sleep be on a bed of roses and angel guard you throughout out the night"

She didn't know how to respond and just said thank you.

"Thanx for the sweet kiss, I hope to get more of them in the future" he added

She blushed and felt shy.

"I am so sleepy, good night uncle"

"Night beautiful, I can't be called the uncle anymore. Can you call me something else?"

"Night sweetheart" she said

"Good girl, I am going to reward you with more kisses" 

The conversation ended and Evelyn couldnt sleep well that night thinking about Tom. Everything between them happened so fast. She was overwhelmed by the kiss and the thought of making love with Tom made the whole situation worse. The following day she was waken up by his call. He was soft and gentle. 

 "Hey darling how are you? I am missing you so much." 

"I will come and see you, don't worry."  

They chatted for a while. 

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