Cuddling on the sofa

Tom was not able to wait for the weekend to see Evelyn and was also afraid of asking Eric to send her over. He told Lawrence that it has been long since they last ate at Adam 's house. Lawrence was happy with the reminder and called Adam to tell him that they are coming to his house for dinner. Lizzy came home earlier and requested Evelyn to help her in the kitchen since they are having visitors.

Dinner was prepared and Adam sat in the living room with his children to watch TV. Tom and Lawrence drove to his house and brought a bottle of an expensive wine. They rang the door bell and Eric went to open the door for them. He was very happy to have them around. Adam too was very happy that they came. He enjoyed their company so much.

They happyly went to the kitchen to greet Lizzy and gave her the hug. Agnes and Evelyn were in the kitchen too so they got the hugs. Tom was very happy to see and hug his girlfriend. They talked and joked like they used to. It was a harmonious relationship between the uncle and the niece. Soon the dishes were ready and dinner was served.

They gathered around a large table and ate. Adam and the two visitors also drank wine. They drank too much that they were not able to drive back. Eric volunteered to drive them back but Adam encouraged them to sleep over. He lived in a large villa which was very beautiful and well decorated. It had many rooms therefore they were able to sleep over.

Evelyn was afraid of them waking up with headache since they drank too much. She prepared them the sober soup and sent it to their different bedrooms. Tom was very happy to see her delivering the soup. He was looking for an opportunity to embrace and kiss her. She placed the soup beside the bed and turned to leave. Tom was already in bed, He got out of bed and pulled her into his embrace. He kissed her passionate and the kiss made him more drunk. Evelyn detected the change in this body and escaped from this embrace. She recalled Eric talking about her making love with her uncle.

That night Tom was very happy and slept so well. He wished that Evelyn could grow up so fast so that she could marry her soon. He wanted to sneak to her room and sleep beside her. The following day, they left early because they were going to work. Evelyn was very disappointed when she didn't see them down stairs for breakfast. Eric knew her more than anyone in the house and saw the disappointment in her face. After breakfast he went to her room to tease her. 

"Brother-in-law left early for work today. You can call him now and ask him if he slept well. You seem to be worried." 

" Am I that obvious?" 

"Yes little sister, the weekend is soon coming don't worry I will take you to his house." 

The following weekend Lawrence went out with his girlfriend. Eric left Evelyn with Tom and went to a date too. Lawrence and Tom were friends for a long time. They met few years ago at a police training institution. He trusted him and entrusted him with Evelyn. Again Evelyn misled him by calling Tom uncle so he took him as their blood relative.

Tom stopped Evelyn from cooking and told him that he would order take aways. They had cuddled in the sofa and watched TV. Tom kissed her passionately and their tongues intertwined. He was not able to get over the kiss and was happy to be alone with her. They had a bowel of strawberrys and blue berries and he fed them to her. Evelyn had a great time with him and also wished this moment lasted forever. 

Tom asked her if she ever told Eric about their relationship. Eric pretended that nothing happened.

"Uncle Tom big brother knows that we are dating. He believes in you, he told me that next year he will be going to the university and wants to leave me in your good care"

Tom was very happy to hear Eric 's view of him. He wanted to please him by loving her more and taking a good care of her.

"I love you so much Eve and once again I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to prove myself. You won't regret it. I hope this relationship won't make things ackward between us. We must keep a low profile, you performed well when we visit Adam 's house.

Please don't call me uncle Tom anymore when it's only the two of us. You can call me any sweet names. Feel free when you are with me and feel at home. My home is your home and everything I have is also yours. You can ask for any help from me, couples take care of each other. "

His speech touched her. Except for Eric no body cared about her, her siblings didn't like her. She had both parents but they were busy with their works, they didnt have time for their children.

" I love you so much too dear, I won't disappoint you. " she said. 

"The school is soon opening and you are going back home. Work hard and make me more proud. Above all remember that I am very selfish, I can't share you with anyone. I promise you that you also can't share me with anyone. I will wait for you my darling. If you can't wait for me, my gun is ready. " he added 

She was happy with his sweet words and noted and head from time to time. She laughed at him talking about his gun. 

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