Tom was guilty

The school was soon opening and it was the last weekend that Eric went to say goodbye to his girlfriend. He left Evelyn at Lawrence 's house, Lawrence was still at home. He was very happy to see them as usual and gave them the hugs. Eric quickly left and only Lawrence and Evelyn were left. Lawrence asked her about her  driving lessons, he had heard from Tom that she was doing great and got her license already.

Tom came to join them and he was too happy to see Evelyn and gave her a hug. He wanted to embrace her forever but he couldn't do that because they were not alone. The three of them sat together to watch TV and chatted for a while. After talking for a while Lawrence stood up went to the toilet. Tom took a bank card from his wallet and gave it to Evelyn.

"Here is a bank card for you, it has no limit, you can use it anytime you need money or find something you like. I have heard about your home situation and I don't want you to suffer in my presence."

"No, I can't take the card, others will think I have a sugar daddy. Brother Eric 's family is doing everything for both of us. I love you, not your money. I am not a gold digger."

Tom was sad and angry that Evelyn declined his card. He wanted to help her as his girlfriend and his niece. Evelyn had been helping them with Lawrence over the holidays and he wanted to repay her kindness.

" Can I help you as your uncle then? You did so much for us and it is our time to repay you." he added.

"You don't have to feel in debt. You are owing me nothing, I did everything out of good will. Again you did so much by taking me for  driving lessons. "

Lawrence come back and Tom had to take back his card. Since it was her last day here they volunteered to prepare lunch for her. Soon the food was ready.

" Our dishes may not be as delicious as yours but we did our best. " Thank you so much for taking care of us over this period of time. You are the best. " Lawrence said.

" You did so well and we are very grateful and looking forward to being with you again when the school closes. We are going to miss your cooking so much. Can I take you and your brother for shopping later today? Girls like beautiful things and need to be spoiled. " he added. 

Evelyn declined him again. The Adam family was not lacking in anything therefore she felt that she didn't need to go shopping with her uncle. Tom was angry, he wanted to buy her something since she refused the card.

They ate in silence. She broke the silence by praising the food. Tom 's anger subsided and said thank you with a happy face. Lawrence was quite the whole time. Like Tom he wanted to do something for Evelyn but she declined Tom. They couldn't force her, he didn't know why she refused and thought she is being shy and too polite.

After eating both men took the dishes for washing and talked about their work. Evelyn stood up and went to the toilet and Tom saw her from the kitchen. He had been looking for an opportunity to kiss Evelyn goodbye but he couldn't get such. He stopped washing the dishes and followed her. Lawrence thought it was a coincidence that they needed to use the bathroom at the same time.

He followed her to the bathroom and waited for her outside. She was very surprised to see him outside the toilet. She wanted to ask him why he is there but Tom pulled her into his embrace before she could  speak. Then he kissed her so passionately.

"I am going to miss you so much my darling" he whispered.

He was afraid of Lawrence catching them so he released her and let her go. Evelyn 's face was so red and felt shy. She didn't know how to explain the whole situation if Lawrence could ask.

"Can you please go back first, I need to put myself together. I will miss you too my dear."

Tom kissed her on the forehead and left first. Evelyn followed him later and Tom was on the phone when she went back. Later Eric came back and they both said goodbye to Lawrence and Tom.  The following day they drove back to J town since the school was re opening. Tom felt guilty about his secret relationship and decided to tell Lawrence about it. That evening he ordered take aways from a fancy western restaurant and went to Lawrence 's house to eat.

They washed their hands and sat around the dining table to eat.

"I need to talk to you about something serious. We have been friends for a long time but what I am going to say now may change the whole situation between us but I need to say it today. You are the closest person to me and I feel guilty already for not telling you earlier. "

" Can you go straight to the point? " Are you having a deadly disease? He teased. 

Tom did not know how to break the ice and he was hesitant but he had to say it at the end.

" I am dating Evelyn and it has been almost a month now"

Lawrence ce was so angry and stood up.

"How is that possible? Why her? Evelyn is your niece, how can you date her?"

"Because I love her and I want to protect her."

Lawrence became furious and punched him. Bloody was oozing at the corner of his mouth. It was the first time Lawrence lost his temper like this.

"I am so disappointed in you, you get out of my house before I do something I will regret. Get out and please never come back. Never call me your friend or colleague, from today on we are strangers. 

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