Evelyn was scolded

Tom stood up and left. Lawrence dialed Evelyn 's number and wanted to scold her. She was having dinner at home with her three cousins when she received the call. Her sister went to the university abroad to study Financial Accounting while her brother went to the boarding school. Their youngest sister was raised by Edith since she was six months old because their mother wanted to go to work.

Evelyn and Eric were staying with Edwin who was Lawrence 's brother, he had just moved to a new school here. They were also staying with Ace who is Elsie 's first son. Elsie was the sister to Edith and Joyce. They also had two step-brothers, Adam and Albert who is Lawrence and Edwin 's father.

Evelyn happyly answered the phone only to hear Lawrence scolding her on the other side.

" I don't want to see you again in my house, you pretended to be visiting me while you came here for Tom. You are becoming promiscuous. I trusted both of you and I am very disappointed." He hung u

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