Roanoke, Part 1

Note: This chapter's been rewritten. New direction, pacing, and content. Recommend you read it again if you'd read it before October 7, 2021, or you might not understand the events of the next chapter.


Roanoke, Part 1

Most people don’t know this, but Forest Hills is one of the oldest towns in the US, dating back to way before the American Revolution… and that kind of history brings a lot of baggage with it, some that still haunt our town to this day. — Tweet from Raven_Eye.

“Vampire?” I couldn’t help rai

G.D. Cruz

Hey gang, This is a rewritten chapter with a lot more content, different pacing, sentence structures, grammar, and direction. If you'd already read this prior to Oct. 7, 2021, I do recommend you read it again or you might not understand the next chapter. Thanks. Also, I would really appreciate it if you guys could write a review/comment for the novel. A rating too. Only if you're enjoying it so far of course. Thanks!

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