Chapter Eleven

Ginny stood naked in front of the mirror admiring the marks on her body. She wasn’t ashamed of what Digger did to her. Between him and Bernard she proudly wore the evidence of their pleasure. She frowned as she looked at her blonde hair that was tousled from how Digger had pulled her hair. It was during that moment that he had shouted her niece's name as he came down her throat. 

She hated that both men were still obsessed with her. They spent all their spare time looking for her. She hoped that she was lying dead in a ditch somewhere. She knew people would think it was weird for her to hate her own family member that way but she was tired of playing second fiddle. First it was her sister. Then it was Margo, the child that resembled her sister in looks and attitude.

She glared at her reflection wondering what was so damn spe

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Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks. I've gone and edited the chapters making for an easier reading experience.

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