Chapter Twelve

“So you’re telling me that Diego got caught and that the girl disappeared.” Lucifer growled, causing his men to flinch back. “What of her mother?”

“Dead, sir.” The man said, waiting for his boss’ reaction. 

“So the mom is dead, Diego is in prison, the child is missing, and no one can fucking locate Margo. Is that what you’re telling me?” He demanded with a deadly calm. 

“That is correct.” The man said, swallowing nervously. 

“God dammit!” He roared, flipping his desk. “What the fuck am I paying you for? I want Margo found! I want her back in my cells! I’m giving you two weeks to find them. You find the child and you will find Margo. Do not fail me Fabian. This is your last chance.” 

Fabian didn’t wait

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