Chapter Three

It's been three years and Kane found himself in an annoying situation. He had gone to The Coffee Palace to see his sister, hoping that she would divulge some of the information that she had on the young woman he had met. Somehow he had managed to get caught in the middle of a fight involving a one night stand and a fuck buddy of his. 

Kane rubbed at his temples as the two shrieked at each other. He was regretting his decision to even come into town. If it hadn't been the Prez sending him he would have still been asleep. 

“For the love of God take this shit outside and out of my fucking restuarant!” Mary yelled, coming out of the kitchen. “Kane, you’re my brother and I love you, but for the sake of my sanity you need to get better taste in women.” Mary growled.

 “Excuse me!”A tall brunette woman shouted in indignation. “Are you going to let her talk to me that way? Who the fuck do you think you are?” She demanded. 

“I’m his fucking sister and this is my goddamn business.” Mary huffed. 

“Kane! Are you going to let her treat us like this?” The blond woman demanded. “You heard her. Now get!” Kane ordered. 

“How dare you!” The brunette shrieked. “I will have this business shut down in two seconds once I leave here!” 

“Oh my God! Shut the hell up!” Bridgette yelled. “No one gives a shit!” 

“Who the fuck are you?” Sniffed the blonde, staring down the much shorter woman. “It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that you’re both annoying whores who have spread your legs for just about everyone and are fighting over a man that wouldn’t give a shit if you bed him or the hobo down the street. You’re being rude and annoying when decent people want to eat their lunch in peace without having to witness this sort of trashy display. Do us all a favor and take this shit elsewhere and away from the eyes and ears of the children that are watching you. I have seen monkeys flinging their crap around with more grace and dignity than the two of you seem to possess combined.” Bridgette huffed as she rose from her booth. 

“Whores?” They shrieked in unison with red faces while Sammy giggled in her seat.

 “Is there an echo in here or do the two of you need a dictionary to understand what that word means? Honestly, I have a fucking headache now.” Bridgette huffed annoyance and anger rolling off of her in waves.

“How dare you!” Yelled the brunette once she finally recovered from the shock. “I’ll kill you! No one insults me like that!” 

The brunette pulled out a knife that Bridgette had already noticed when they first came in. She began charging towards Bridgette who blocked Sammy’s view of the scene. Before she made it within a foot of the other woman, her weaknesses had been noted. Bridgette watched as she came at her. The knife being held the wrong way. The shoes she was wearing didn’t help her situation either. High heels were such an impractical choice. Her skin tight skirt restricted her movements, giving Bridgette another advantage. Everyone had been too shocked to move at the appearance of a weapon. Bridgette however, stood confidently in front of their opponent, watching, waiting, assessing her every move. 

When the woman was close enough Bridgette struck. She dodged the attack, grabbing the hand wielding the knife by the wrist and giving it a twist. The brunette dropped the knife. Once the knife was no longer in play she cried out in pain as her arm was maneuvered behind her back at an odd angle. As soon as Bridgette had her incapacitated she forced her out of the restuarant. 

“I’m going to the police!” She shouted. 

“Go ahead. It's Texas and I know my rights?” She said, rolling her eyes. “You’re going to regret this!” She shouted as she shoved past the curious onlookers. “Doubtful.” Bridgette murmured, going back inside. 

All eyes were on her as she made her way back to her booth. She hadn’t been sitting for very long when she felt someone standing there. Sammy turned and sighed when she saw the blonde. 

“You must be stupid.” She said, shaking her head. 

“Watch it brat!” The blonde hissed with narrowed eyes. “I’m only going to say this once. Don't talk to me like that again or I’ll have my ma-” 

“He is not your man.” Bridgette interrupted annoyed. “Now leave before I throw you out.” 

“How dare a nobody like you disrespect me!” I’m Kane’s ol’ lady!” 

“You’re definitely not anyones ol’ lady,” Bridgette said, standing up again. Kane watched the scene with interest when the small woman called her out. He was curious to see how this was going to end. 

“You don’t know shit!” She yelled, slapping her. 

“You’re dead.” Sammy sighed. 

“I said, to shut-” 

“Close your eyes, kiddo.” Bridgette said. 

“Yup, they've been closed.” Sammy grumbled. 

She knew Bridgette’s rules. One, no violence. Two, don’t put up with shit. Three, rule one goes out the window if someone touches you. Samy wasn’t sure but she was pretty certain that Bridgette had killed before. 

When Bridgette heard that Sammy had closed her eyes her fist flew straight into the other woman’s face. The sound of a bone breaking could be heard across the restaurant. A few people cringed as the blonde’s head snapped back and blood began to pour from her nose.

“Oh my god! You broke my nose!” She screamed running out of the restaurant as Bridgette sat back down without another word.

“Hey, kid. You can look now.” Bridgette said, ignoring  the curious looks from the people in the restaurant. 

“Hey, Bridgette?” Sammy said, turning curious eyes towards her guardian. 

“What's up?” She asked, feeling her stomach drop. The previous scene had the child’s attention as she had watched with wide blue eyes. 

What’s a whore?” She asked, causing a few people to laugh as Bridgette gently knocked her head against the table. 

“You’ll find out when you’re older.” Bridgette groaned.

“That’s always your answer.” She accused. 

“Oh god… Look, I don’t think you need to worry about that. Let’s just forget you-” She paused when the little girl continued to stare at her. “You’re going to look it up anyway. I don’t know why I haven’t learned that yet.” She groaned.

“So are you going to tell me?” She asked. 

“I’ve thought about it and my answer is still no. It will lead to a whole night of uncomfortable discussion with more questions than answers because you are just too young for them.” She said, giving her a pointed look. 

“Fine but I’ll find out-” She trailed off, causing Bridgette to frown. 

Bridgette turned to where she was staring. Her face paled when she saw the cut he was wearing. Her eyes immediately flashed with anger. When she saw the man standing in front of her she barely concealed her recognition. The man from three years ago was standing in front of her. Inwardly, she was panicking and swearing up a storm. 

“Can I help you?” She demanded. 

Kane wondered why she was looking at him like that. He couldn’t recall having met her. He had noticed the brief flash of recognition, anger, and hatred when she saw his cut. 

“I just wanted to-”

“I don’t need it.” She said, looking straight ahead. “It was inappropriate and annoying.” She said, reaching for her purse.

“Bridgette are we leaving?” Sammy asked. 

“Yep, Kid. We got places to go and things to do.”She said, hating his eyes on her. 

“Did I do something to piss you off?” He asked completely caught off guard.

“I just don’t like people like you. Now if you will excuse me.” She said, pushing past him. 

Bridgette had made it to her car and was fumbling with her keys by the time Kane regained his senses. He bolted after her more than a little pissed off. He didn’t stop when his sister called after him. aHe was going to give that woman a piece of his mind. He grabbed her upper arm when the flash of fear in her eyes stopped him. She blinked and it was replaced with steely determination. The knife in shaking hands finally catching his attention. 

“Don’t ever fucking touch me again, or I’ll kill you myself.” She growled. 

“Do I know you?” He asked, frowning at the sudden memory of the small young woman that still played on his thoughts. 

He saw the fleeting moment of panic. Saw her swallow against the fear that filled her eyes. His grip now gentle enough for her  to yank her arm away. He noted the racing pulse at the base of her neck.

“No.”  She whispered shakily. “I’ve never seen you before. Now let me go.” 

“Bridgette?” Sammy spoke up nervously from her side. 

“Let's go.” She whispered, turning away from him and unlocking the car.

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