Chapter Eight

“God dammit!” Digger shouted, throwing his phone across the room.

He had been looking for Margo for years now. He had finally caught up with her when a contact of his was arrested for beating the shit out of a woman who had taken off with his baby. Digger didn’t give a damn about that though. No, it was the woman that had been with her that caught his attention. The same woman who had once again slipped through his fingers. For three years she had him chasing his tail putting out false leads all the while she was out doing whatever she wanted. Digger, like his boss, believed that her place was in a cell waiting to service the men in any way that their hearts desired. He still couldn’t believe the bitch had taken out her guards, set fire to the compound, and then escaped. As much as her escape frustrated him he found himself admiring her. She reminded him more and more of her mother except she didn’t seem

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