Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Arianna Reynolds

I walked into my classroom and banged the door behind me. The rage that ran through my veins made me wanna strangle the sadistic jerk who could not accept his failure. Who the crap he thinks he is to act like a moron to me? The abhorrence in his voice and his choice of words reflected his hate. It was him to behave like a douche to me and yet he has the nerve of continuing to be one. I told Thea to meet me at home cause I don't think I would stay in control the next time I see his face. At least not today.

Time skip 

Mid night 11:42 p.m.

I could not rest my eyes to sleep because his words were running at the back of his head. Though I did give him a rough comeback, I felt humiliated with his words. We always bickered like kids. But never was this harsh with one other. He behaved like a knobhead today. I mentally noted myself to never spare him a talk nor a look. Lemme hit north if he hits south. I don't wanna waste my time on him. Because of the simp I lost my precious time of beauty sleep. Hoping for a fresh start tomorrow I closed my eyes, allowing sleep to take over me.

Like always I woke up at 6 in the morning and did my morning routine. I put on a black high neck top with bkack ripped pants. A leather jacket on top with a scarf, I wore white sneakers to complete my look. I let my hair loose on my back after clearing the tangles. I headed to college with Thea who was eating my brain to know the reason for me being blue. I never stay quiet for even a second and me remaining mute for almost a day made her go nuts about me. I lied to her saying I just feel sleepy. That was not a whole lie as I felt my drooping eyes. Nonetheless it was not the reason for me to stay silent. Honestly, In plain english, I didn't want her to chop Damon into pieces and feed dogs. My bestie is a possessive freak and she would precisely kill anybody who dared to mess with me. Lucky Me!

Getting off my car, I walked in with Thea inside the corridors. It was buzzing like always as most of them were using it as a meeting spot. Some were gossiping, some were flirting, some were playing and some were walking towards their classes just like us. Literally speaking, this place is where most of the students invest their time rather than in classrooms. And that makes it the second most popular place after the canteen. Of course food tops the charts without exception. Thea left for the staff cabin as Professor Carl called out for her. I halted on my stepas when I reached my locker. Taking my books out for the day, I felt someone burning holes onto my head that made me aware that I am watched. Looking to my left I found everyone indulged in their own world. Expecting it to be my misperception, I looked at my schedule. Instead of the feeling of being watched fading out it turned out intense. Shaking my head at my disordered thoughts, I turned to my right to move forward.  My eyes widen in sheer surprise to find the brawny brute looking at me with dark eyes.

He stood near the staircase which I need to climb to attend my next class and stared at me like a predator. Instead of throwing daggers at him like I always do I threw my gaze away from him and decided to wait for Thea. Looking into my phone I made myself busy. Wondering to myself the reason for him to be on our block I was scrolling through my i*******m. He doesn't belong here as we were undergraduates. After a few minutes I felt his stare off me. I looked up after a good five minutes knowing he would have passed by. To my shock he was standing just opposite to me with his phone. He was on call with his eyes on me. Breaking my gaze , I decided to ditch the plan of waiting and head to my classroom. His presence made me remember the filthy words he hurled at me. He means nothing to me so I should not let his words sink deep inside. Perhaps I felt bad with his harsh words because none have behaved like that to me ever. It's not that I cared about his opinion.

I sauntered my way towards the stairs without looking back. While I was on my way towards my classroom my phone vibrated in my pocket. It was Thea.


"You didn't wait for me, did you?" Accused Thea. I could feel her sulking.

"Stop being a toddler Thea," I huffed massaging my temples. My mood already turned sour just as I looked at his face and now my bestie is throwing a fit for me not waiting for her. 

For Pete's sake, I need a break!

"You stop being a brat Arianna," retorded Thea.

"Blimey! Thea, the corridor was too c---- I stopped on my words when I saw her coming towards me. I ended the call and gave her a smile but she closed her eyes to me and continued walking.

"Dude, stop being a drama bee," I said, rolling my eyes. This was too much for crying out loud.

"Sure," she clipped looking straight.

"Come on girl, give me your hyena smile. Straight face doesn't suit you," I said laughing. Thea can never show me her resistance when I talk with her. And her trying hard to stay mad at me made me crack up.

Looking at me laugh without any care in the world, her breached laughter escaped her lips. We were laughing looking at each other's faces. This was us! 

Crazily funny and possessive of one another.

The rest of the day passed in a blink. I would always end up sleeping on Thea after each hour. Getting tired easily with continuously focusing on the lectures I would end up sacked on her shoulders. She would wake me up and drag me to the next hour. Thea was my only source of fun in my college. 

What about your jerk then? Asked my brain

What about him? I asked it back.

"You enjoy your fights with him, remember? It said as if it was a fact.

At one point of time, it was fun to make the jerk King angry but after his rude behaviour I am never afforded to look at his side. 

Since it was lunch break we headed to the canteen area. Thea smiled at a guy and took me towards him. I looked at him strangely because he looked remarkably familiar.

"Theoooo. Happy birthday...," Thea sang before launching on his arms as he hugged his sister back with a smile.

Ahhh! There we go. Dumb- dumb Arianna, its Theodare. Thea's elder brother.

"Thanks sister. Woah missy, you are heavy," said Theodore dramatically, earning a punch from Thea. He winced from pain glaring at Thea who gave him an innocent smile.

"That's rude Thea. It's my birthday" growled Theodore.

"You got that yourself for being RUDE, Theodore," replied Thea sardonically.

I chuckled at them. Siblings! 

They never changed. It's been quite long since I met Theodore that I partly forgot how he looks.

"Ari, remember me? Theo? Your partner in crime is hiding away the girly toys of my sister" Asked Theodore making me chuckle.

When I was young, he used to help me put Thea's barbie dolls and other toys out of sight. She would pester me to play with the girly dolls while I insist on my hot wheels. So, with Theo's help we would hide and make her play hot wheels with me. It's bemusing me to know that he still remembers that. It's been over a decade!

"Of course she would remember all the bratty things she did," said Thea with a tight smile.

"Yeah...I remember," I said softly.

"If yes, why were you looking at me like I was from an alien planet a moment ago?" He asked, smirking.

"I am seeing you in person after years Theo. You look different now. Not the dummy with thin limbs and nerdy specs," I replied smiling.

"I appreciate the part till I look different. But not part of my transformation. Let that remain a secret," said Theo winking at me.

"You got me zipped," I said while drawing a line across my lips with my index finger and thumb indicating it was concealed. 

He threw his head back laughing. 

"Lemme get to the point, Ari. Today is my birth--- I cut him off saying," A very fantabulous birthday wishes to you Theo. I totally forgot about wishing you with your sweet sibling's love." 

He chortled before replying," Thank you Ari. And I would be even more happy if you weren't attending my birthday party," he said softly with a gentle smile on his face.

Party and I are two poles. I had never attended parties other than my prom as I was forced to attend by Thea. Heck, I didn't even attend my college annual fest last year and Theodore was inviting me to his party. Something that I would prefer the least doing. Theodare's party would be lavish and fun, nonetheless I don't belong to the crowd of drinks, dance, strangers, hook ups, guys. The main idea of me ditching the parties is guy's. Mostly almost everyone in a party get's home with a company. And I had witnessed many break ups after parties. They simply called it out as a mistake of being high. 

"Ari, if you are worried about my party being filled with drinks and dance, it's a strict no. I am celebrating it in my parents place so it's decent enough for you to step in. Only my friends, some relatives. I can keep Thea in company and moreover my parents have wanted to meet you since it's been ages. Would you mind coming?" Asked Theodore with expectant eyes. I looked at Thea who gave me her puppy eyes. 

I nodded my head to a yes that made both of them break out into a smile. 

 Theo took his leave excited after us waving him goodbye. We had our lunch with Thea talking about the suitable attire for the birthday party. 

Time skip 


I gave Thea a poker face when she asked me to wear anything but black. What was seriously wrong with her and my black dress? She rummaged my closet and found a few untouched new one pieces for the birthday party. I sighed when she gave me a pointed look that said,"No backing away."

I wore an off shoulder butterfly printed maxi dress that was chosen by Thea. She kept on rambling about how she likes this dress and how she wants me to wear it, so I gave in to her.

Thea took care of my makeover. My long hair was set loose adding onto my style. I accessorised myself with a pair of solitaire earrings, and a tiffany tennis bracelet on my left wrist. Wrapping my customised Gucci watch on my right wrist, I completed my look with my silver high heels luxury rhinestone stone string bead. I was done for the day out. 

Thea wore an off shoulder pink layered tulle dress.

She clipped her hair to a simple braid. She completed her look with pink pumps.

Rosalina came to the room and gasped looking at me being dolled. 

" Awwww is she my sister Thea?," she asked with a dramatic expression plastered across her face. 

"Isn't she looking like a doll Roo?" Cooed Thea looking at her work on me made me a blushing mess. 

"Where are you going?" Asked Rosalina when she glanced at both the girls looking stunningly gorgeous.

"We are leaving for my brother's birthday party," replied Thea as she crouched down to her level.

"Why am I not invited?" She pouted.

"Aww little munchkin, you'll be bored." Thea replied, patting her head.

"Thea but this Arianna looks none like my devil sister. She looks calm, pretty, beautiful and more like a girl," Rosalina pouted at Thea, making her giggle at her cuteness.

"Roo," I warned, biting back my smile at my sister's naughtiness.

"Do I look pretty in my dress," she asked, pointing at her purple shorts and white T-shirt. She was a cute mess.

"Of course you look too cute Roo," Thea said looking at Rosalina who was trying to twirl her shorts. 

"Rosalina," we heard mom. She ran away immediately yelling," Coming mommy."

"Ready to set?" Asked Thea. I nodded my head with a smile. 

A little change will not hurt.

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